Motivation Letter On Abolishing Mental Slavery And Becoming Open-minded

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Imagine that you have to talk about other people’s gestures on talk, where you try to reveal the originality that you get a sharp scolding. In such a situation, the mind does not get matured. All his originality is destroyed and corrupted. That mind becomes the enemy of man and obstacle in progress.

Main means of mental improvement is education. Brain which does not get an education will stop it from experiencing a little. Education is such that all the forces of the mind-logic force-comparison power-memory power, writing power can be developed a little bit. There is no doubt that we can increase all these powers according to our will. Only requirement is that of right kind of education. Education should be found that man’s development continues to be progressive, he will not become a slave of the stereotypes, otherwise, the result of mental slavery will be fierce.

The second is the favorable association and circumstances. Under the circumstances in which man resides, they are the same mental powers awake in it. The person in whose family the poet is an overdose is often a poet. In every leaf, the worm of the green leaves becomes green. So be in line with books, argue with scholars solve the doubts.

The third means, appropriate mental exercise. As our body develops with regular exercise, in same way, mental exercises (practice) have different powers in mind. Practice of concentration provides unparalleled power. Sorry, many people do not give importance to concentration in their personal life which they really should do. Do anything you want to tease him but he will not be distracted. This name has a strong concentration.

This is how the mind can come under control. The mind is a slave of practice. As your practice grows, the concentration will increase as well. Fourth means – Insights You do not become the slave of the society and the slave of the community. Do not get stubborn on the stereotype of religion and religious teachers, but increase your originality. Neither any mullah, nor any scholar, nor the state’s spread of conspiracy, can remove you from the divine high role. If you continue to live in the higher role of the mind, then you will be able to see me as a real force.

The greatest work in the world is to increase the powers of the mind. Your indigence is infinite and immense. You can achieve your natural power through practice and meditation.

Remember, you have to develop yourself. Little isolation, lack of existence. You have right to learn to believe and trust in the personal powers. Always aim towards the feelings of the inner mind. Do not think that we have to grow so much, but think that now the real-time of accretion has come. Think of your immense power. Get rid of mental slavery and live a life like a victorious warrior in world by taking wisdom from discrimination.

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