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Highly Resistant Hegemonic Discourses in the Sport

This essay will look at highly resistant hegemonic discourses in sport that relate to ethnicity and race, and whether these discourses have been successfully challenged by the promotion of alternative discourses in recent years. Therefore, both the highly resistant discourses and the new alternative discourses...

Defining Discourse Community And Analysis Of It

Everyone has successfully been able to join a discourse Community. School clubs, sports teams, teachers, a job, a group of friends, or even a family can be classified into two words discourse community. According to James Paul Gee, ‘a discourse is a sort of identity...

Critical Analysis on “Death of the Author” by Roland Barthes with Reference to Robert Frost’s Prominent Poems “The Road Not Taken” and “Mending Wall” through the Lens of “Reader-Response Theory”

Roland Barthes was born on November 12, 1915 at Normandy in France. He was a literary critic, theorist, semiotician and philosopher. Barthes as the French writers, helped in the development of several schools of theory such as anthropology, semiotics, social theory, design theory, structuralism and...

Critical Discourse Analysis and Its Tenets

What Is Discourse Upon reviewing and thoroughly studying discourse, I came to understand that discourse is the use of language in any conversation. To add more clarity, it would be better to say that discourse is actually the set of codes, of a language, that...

Models of Positive and Negative Politeness

Although the politeness mainly is considered in cross-cultural and interlanguage studies as a main point in indirect speech acts, but this theory is still developing. Therefore, it seems that there is necessity to a short description of the most influential models of politeness theory which...

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