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Models and Methods of Wind Speed Forecasting

Wind power energy has a significant importance in the electric grid. As it is an inexhaustible and freely available resource, its usage is globally increasing. It is replacing all other costly exhaustible resources that were used so far. So, accurate prediction of wind power is...

Volcano Kilauea: The Most Active Volcano on Earth

Background Information Kilauea, additionally known as Mount Kilauea, is the world’s most active volcanic mass, settled on the southeastern part of the island of Hawaii. Kilauea (“Much Spreading” in Hawaiian), is associate elongated dome engineered of volcanic rock eruptions from a central crater and from...

Haboob: Causes, Appearance And Warning Signs

The term “haboob” is an Arabic word that means “drifting or blowing.” Haboobs are similar to monsoons in their intensity, but they are storms made of dust rather than rain. While monsoons affect tropical islands and coastal areas, haboobs are confined to dry land-locked areas....

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