Essay Samples on War

It may be usual for Political Sciences college students to write about war. Yet, when this subject comes up in disciplines like Psychology or Education, war essay writing must include specific aspects that relate to relevant topics. In practice, it is necessary to outline the key ideas that connect to your thesis or an assumption (if relevant). As a way to make things clearer, we offer an essay on war examples where you can see how the topic of war can be handled. No matter what your field of study is, these examples will provide enough assistance to see how world conflicts or attitudes can be supported by reliable sources and argumentation. Make sure to double-check the writing style with your grading rubric and let our samples help you along!

The 80Th Anniversary Of The Spanish Civil War

“Memory isn’t a duty but a civil right that has to be protected” said historian Richard Vinyes upon the 80th anniversary of the Spanish Civil War. The basic right of being able to access an objective historical narrative about one’s own nation is a concept...

The Nazi Regime & The Nazi Party

The Nazi regime outright refused to pay the $33+ million dollars in ereparations to Britain and France, and politically they already violated the territorial provisions such as the remilitarization of the Rhineland as well as the annexations of territories in the east such as Austria...

The War In Yemen: Roots Of The Conflict

The current war in Yemen has been ongoing for three years, since 2015. The Houthi rebels and Yemen’s government are in a bloody war. Roots for conflict started with the failure of a political change when the then president handed over his power to his...

Vietnam War And The Australian Media

Vietnam War was a time of fear and panic for Australia as the ideology of communism had spread. Australia had been influenced by the fear of communism by the US and media. The media had become a big part of the perspectives during the War,...

Social And Economic Changes During The Civil War

Much of the Southern railway system was destroyed during the war, making it difficult to bring food from one area to another. By far the largest changes to Southern society were due to the changing role of slaves. As Union armies advanced, especially after the...

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