Story Summary Of The Nightingale By Kristin Hannah

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The Nightingale starts with a nameless woman who was dying and looks in her attic and a memorable box of world war two. she then finds an id of Julia Gervase and her son comes to try to help her down from the attic. she then remembers who Juliann Gervase is. a flashback occurs and Vianne is at her old house during world war two when she was very young. her father is very concerned about the war as he knows that Germany will be pushing towards France in an attempt to take over Europe. although the war was a worry Vianne never liked talking about it she knew something was about to happen and never had a good feeling about it. eventually went down to their family house and the dad was worried about war just as Vianne was. Vianne later learned that her husband Antoine was drafted into the war against Germany. Vianne and Antoine were lovers Vianne had three miscarriages she still believes there is hope.

Antoine suddenly wants to Vianne and Sophie. Sophie being Vianne and Antoine's daughter to go to Paris. Antoine took out the money and hid in the mattress. Isabelle and Vianne's sister who was in school learning about dinner etiquette at 18 years old Isabelle has been already been kicked out of her third school her father took her to work at his bookstore Christophe another man working there says war heroes cannot be women.

Paris started to be bombed by the Germans. Isabelle and Vianne's father had suddenly decided to put Isabella and Vianne on a truck to leave France. everyone was forced out of their homes in an attempt to save them from the German invasion. Isabelle and Vianne. Isabelle and their father split up and they had to meet up on the train Isabelle then meets Gaetan while wandering in the woods. Gaetan protects Isabella and wants to fight the war with her a part of the resistance.

In the next chapter, I learned that little kids had to carry around gas masks that weren't even an option form them. Vianne classroom talks about war and how they should learn German not French as one student says. Isabelle on the train still hasn't made it. strangers invited him in Isabelle and Gaetan suddenly kiss. Isabelle and Vianne reconnect. Gaetan is gone in France finally surrender. France is then split in half the Germans came marching into the town. Isabelle held Vianne’s valuables and the Germans didn't take them. French resistance did not give up though the stick rules placed on France were put in. and a Nazi soldier invited himself to live in their home Isabelle and Vianne cannot get along because Isabelle still feels strong hate for the Nazis. And Isabelle wants to kill the captain that’s staying with them.

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In the next chapter, I learned that Vianne was pregnant at 16 years old, their father was a bad person. Captain Beck man staying them, said things that make him human more human and relatable to Vianne and Isabelle. Isabelle secretly went to Paris and was caught and send home for writing the letter. Vianne suddenly had a flashback with Antoine. Isabelle gets led to a place with the resistance like her and agrees to work with them.

Newspapers weren't found anywhere Isabelle sneaks out and puts newspapers on people's porches just to do something. Isabelle then refused to attend mass as she believes God is not with her. Antoine was found to be a prisoner of war. Vianne got postcards to write to her husband. Captain Beck tries to get the names of teachers from Vianne. Vianne writes Rachel her best friend to try out for being Jewish. Vianne realized that she was losing money, food was also scarce in town. And teachers were also scarce in a town teacher were being dismissed of nowhere. Vianne tries to talk to someone about the teacher's disappearance. Vianne went to the church for prayers and guidance, she also started to connect with her mother. Vianne told Rachel she gave the Nazis her name. The French were not allowed to meet, and Isabelle went to the resistance immediately. Late of April 1940, Isabelle was on someone for the first time. Isabelle was asked to deliver a letter to Paris by the resistance, so then she asked the captain for a travel pass.

The Nazi captain Beck brought them fish being nice to them, tried to show his humanity towards the people. French time was changed to German time. Isabelle's father was gone the Nazis invaded the bookstore. During the German occupation of France, no Jews allowed science at now common amongst the French people and the Germans had begun to execute the French. Antoine wrote a note to Vianne. Isabelle was caught and brought to a different place where she was accepted and got a new identity. A man of the French air force was being helped. Later I learned that he was the one to start to bomb Germany. Since Isabelle had been accepted into the French resistance the lieutenant to the resistant asked to take care of Isabelle. Isabelle learned to sneak to lieutenant around town everyone tries to find a way to get to pass through the border. Gartan comes into the room suddenly. He told lieutenant about resistance. Papa knows what Isabelle; he also knows that he worked with the resistance.

In the next coming chapters of The Nightingale, Sophie Vianne's daughter has started to have a fever that is not going down. Captain Beck gave Vianne a bottle for Sophie The Nightingale is here. Isabelle saved one army man within eight months; Isabelle would work for the German for a night. Operation spring that separated the Jew's identities wine, police are sending foreign-born Jews and concentration camps. Isabelle is used to living in Paris and has not wanted to end it. Isabelle's in on the groundwork for the resistance.

Germans arrested women who worked for the war. Germans want to find The Nightingale the spy gossip about Vianne and Beck started to surface. Vianne doesn’t want to be alone with captain Beck anymore. Beck gives Vianne a fake birth certificate as he starts to feel feelings for her. Vianne fakes Rachel’s death to fall for his fake new life, through concentration airlift was being bombed, Isabelle negation hides the pilots in the car to get them away to safety lieutenant. Keith Johnson died in the hands of Isabelle. An American plane went down, and the pilot cannot be found. Isabelle’s not welcome home anymore. Beck eventually shoots Isabelle. Vianne and Isabelle killed Beck.

Last in the book I learned that because of The Nightingale, the master spy in the French resistance because of their effort they have secured a good foot for the French for liberation and total victory in France. This will leave Vianne and Isabelle to America as refugees to live out the rest of their lives in peace.

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