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Near Death And Reality Warping In An Occurrence At Owl Bridge And To Build A Fire

In literature near death experiences have been identified and observed since ancient times and as recent as modern-day publications. Most near-death experiences are portrayed very similar in nature. Often showing reality shifts including distortion of time, visions of light, sounds, and even out of body...

Jack London's Use of Literary Elements in "To Build a Fire"

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In “To Build a Fire,” by Jack London, the various literary elements present in the story are a crucial part of the story of a man fighting for his life in the wilderness. Figurative language in To Build a Fire adds to complexity of the...

To Build a Fire: Hidden Social Issue in a Short Story Genre

Jack London's short story titled, 'To Build a Fire' is one of the most emblematically splendid stories that has added to the advancement of our American writing. It is too simple to even think about going endlessly about the concealed lessons that Jack needed his...

Dependance on Human Instinct in Jack London's 'To Build a Fire'

As the title implies, Jack London's 1908 short story contains within its narrative a literal set of sequential directions on how 'To Build a Fire.' London extends this sequential conceit to his fatidic vision of the universe. Unlike the dog in the story, who can...

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