Essay Samples on The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton

Social Differences In The Outsiders

In The Outsiders, S. E. Hinton writes about the social differences between the “Greasers” and the “Socs.” This stood out to me because nobody should be discriminated against and treated poorly just because of how much money they make, or because they weren’t born into...

The Outsiders Film Analysis 

In The Outsiders, by S.E. Hinton, a significant difference between the book and film version during Dally’s last moments is when Dally robs a book store and calls the greasers. In the book, the book shows Ponyboy’s perspective, him being driven by a man whereas...

The Outsiders Directed By Francis Ford Coppola

The Outsiders directed by Francis Ford Coppola, and written by S.E. Hinton depicts the social rivalry between the high school cliques “Greasers” and “Socs.” The Greasers are the lower class, the poor kids from the wrong side of town or mostly know by the designated...

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