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The Theme of Never Giving Up in Gary Paulsen's "Hatchet"

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Gary Paulsen’s Young adult fiction story, Hatchet, takes place on a small island, an island with no people where he is alone. Brian got in this situation as the pilot of the plane he was on had died and Brian with no experience of flying...

Literature Analysis of the Young Adult Book 'Hatchet'

There are seven key characteristics of young adult literature. Some of these features include the book being written from the viewpoint of young people. Young people are expected to solve their problems even though they may get some support from adults. These stories are made...

The Theme of Survival in "Hatchet" by Gary Paulsen

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In Gary Paulsen's novel, "Hatchet," Brian Robinson is a 13-year-old city boy who lives in Hampton, New York, and is going through a tough time as his parents are getting a divorce. Brian has to ride a plane all by himself from Hampton, New York,...

Role of Hope and Perseverance in the Survival in the Novel 'Hatchet'

Survival. Humans have a weird way of them to persevere and overcome seemingly impossible opposition. Some may associate this with Charles Darwin’s theory “survival of the fittest.” Some may also associate this with the psychological term “the fight or flight response.” However, survival solely depends...

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