Essay Samples on Fiction

Don Quixote Influence on Cassandra Clare's Book City of Glass

“It was a wrong number that started it…Much later…he would conclude that nothing was real except chance.’’ (Auster, Paul. City Of Glass,1985:1) The first sentences of the book although We don’t notice at the first glimpse informs the reader about the possibility of this detective…

Black Marginalization in Mainstream Science Fantastic Fiction

Throughout its history, science fiction is associated and dominated by white male writers, readers, editors, and protagonists (Salvaggio, 1984, p. 78). Carrington (2016) has used the expression “The Whiteness of Science Fiction” to refer to two things: first, “the overrepresentation of white people among the…

Magical Realism as a Form of Fantastic Fiction

A woman can interact with spirits, a man can live one hundred and forty years, and characters can have conversations with the walls. In Magical Realism, anything is possible. All the rules we applied to the ordinary world can be bent at any moment. Writers…

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