Essay Samples on War

It may be usual for Political Sciences college students to write about war. Yet, when this subject comes up in disciplines like Psychology or Education, war essay writing must include specific aspects that relate to relevant topics. In practice, it is necessary to outline the key ideas that connect to your thesis or an assumption (if relevant). As a way to make things clearer, we offer an essay on war examples where you can see how the topic of war can be handled. No matter what your field of study is, these examples will provide enough assistance to see how world conflicts or attitudes can be supported by reliable sources and argumentation. Make sure to double-check the writing style with your grading rubric and let our samples help you along!

Separating Families During The Korean War

In 1953, Korea’s sudden division tore families apart. The absence of viable solutions for reunification means the pain and plight of separated families remain the most emotional legacies of the Korean War (Source 1 & 4). For 66 years, communication services between the Koreas remain...

Role Of Women In The Korean War

Women have always been the backbone to the success in war. Captain Viola McConnell should be recognized for her outstanding contributions to the Korean War. Often women are overlooked for the accomplishments they have done especially in war. Since the beginning of the first war,...

The Atomic Bomb: The Development And Devastation

On October 11, 1939, Alexander Sachs, an economic advisor for Franklin D. Roosevelt, personally delivered the president a letter. Before this, in 1938, a lab in Berlin, Germany had discovered nuclear fission. Nuclear fission is when an atom of radioactive material splits, and there is...

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