Comparison And Contrast Of World War I And World War Ii

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Have you ever wondered how the allied powers became victorious in World War I and World War II? In 1914 World War I began with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand heir to the Austrian-Hungary throne. Austria-Hungary decided to invade Serbia and Germany sided with them. Russia, however, sided with Serbia, so when Germany went to war against Russia and France. To get to France, Germany took a path through Belgium, whom the United Kingdom said they would protect, so the UK declared war on Germany. This all started a chain reaction which caused World War I. Thus, the allied powers needed to have an advantage and they needed something worth investing in. They need something to give them the edge over the central powers when Russia joined them in 1917.“When World War I broke out powered aircraft had only been in the sky for only 10 years” (Hamilton 6). Aviation was impacted throughout the world wars and evolved the airplanes that were used because of the various uses of the aircraft were becoming more apparent at this time than ever before.

Airplanes impacted the wars and the decisions that were made. Firstly, Aircraft influenced different tactics and required various types of airplanes to meet different needs. The Royal Flying once said “It is not to be expected that aircraft will be able to carry out their duties undisturbed. In war, advantages must be fought for the importance of aerial reconnaissance is so great that each side will strive to prevent the other side making use of it” (Murray 5-11). Airplanes give such a great advantage to any army that used, so in World War I the central and allied powers wanted to secure the upper hand in aircraft assault. Next, many battles were won thanks to aircraft usage. “... aircraft have won wars, prevented wars, and defended nations from aggressors” (Murray 4-6). Tactical advantages were given to the generals who commanded aircraft and because of it a numerous number of conflicts were resolved in favor of them. Finally, aircraft met various needs and were used in many sorts of situations. “Transport aircraft were used to drop paratroopers behind enemy lines, carry supplies, and ammunition”( Hansen 20). There are many uses for airplanes and because there are so many this means that it makes them adaptable to almost all situations. This is why airplanes had such an effect on the outcomes of battles and make the wars easier.

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Airplane uses have become more developed and been changed how they have used in the war. People only imagined being able to fly and when that idea of flying became a reality nobody thought that airplanes would have much of a use. Ferdinand Foch, World War I supreme general of the allied forces, once said “the aircraft is very well for sport, but for the army is useless. Airplanes are interesting toys but have no military value” (Hamilton 0-6). At this time no one really knew how important airplanes were going to become and no one really understood how much value airplanes have.

Moreover, there were lots of types of airplanes and many ways that their abilities can be utilized. “ 1939 World War II broke out. The new fighter aircraft was small and fast, while massive slow moving bombers carried a huge amount of bombs to rain down on every enemy city”(Adams 5). In the transition from World War I, reconnaissance planes to World War II fighters, bombers, light bombers, heavy bombers, escorts, and night bombers were all produced in large numbers. Some types of airplanes have multiple different uses.”Light bombers flew short distances and carried light loads. Light bombers could also be used as fighters which is why they are sometimes called fighter-bombers”(Masters 11. Like light bombers, many other airplanes could be multipurpose and be used in many different strategies. Airplanes impacted the war just as much as the war influenced the airplanes and how they were used.

As the wars pressed on the airplanes have been created differently over time. At the end of World War I, in 1914 airplanes were made much differently than they were at the end of World War II in 1945. “By the start of World War I in August of 1914, airplanes were relatively primitive in design. They were slow, underpowered, and unarmed”(Hamilton 7). Airplanes had only been in the air for ten years after the Wright brothers airplane first took flight and flew at an average speed of fifty-four miles an hour. Even more so, airplanes were later made to withstand certain attacks, but at this time were not built for anything except scouting out enemy troops. “Most of the airplanes of World war 1 were simple machines with skeletons made of wood or aluminum. The frames were wrapped in silk or linen covered in varnish which easily caught fire”(Hamilton 7). The airplanes construction changed greatly the engines were improved, moved so it wouldn’t be shot down as easily, and that made it so the airplanes could go much faster so they didn’t use linen to build the airplanes. At last airplanes made the most developments during World War II and improved in many different categories. “The airplanes soon became equipped with machine guns and heavy bombs to drop on enemies” (Adams). Airplanes were then made of steel, aluminum, and other stronger materials so the airplane could withstand the enemy fire. Airplanes were greatly changed in manufacturing from the beginning of World War I to two.


Airplanes were greatly influential in both of the world wars because of the many different ways that they were used and manufactured to fit specific needs. Airplanes played a major role in gaining an edge on the central and axis forces in the world wars. The way that the airplanes were used influenced the decisions of other generals tactics because the generals always had to think what if the airplanes come. Airplanes are still used all over the world as transportation, transport, and for military purposes. Whatever the case airplanes have influenced the decisions of the past and in a way created a different future for everyone.

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