World War I As An Impetus For The Development Of The World's Armies

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Militarism alone didn't begin World War I yet it made a situation where war, instead of arrangement or discretion, was viewed as the most ideal method for settling universal questions. To prove this, this essay will encompass progress made in militarism. To this end, this essay will include the underestimation of militaries, military buildup, and military technology advances.

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The two sides misjudged what the other would do. Therefore, when Germany’s army moves to attack from Belgium France thought this was a distraction so they moved to attack. Which led to a stale mate and unnecessary casualty rates. There was even foreshadowing during the 1860s and the 1870s when there were multiple short wars. The Prussian generals were able to out maneuver and over whelm their enemies with the addition of new weapons like the breech-loading rifle. Thus, the Europe began to develop military technologies.

There was both a military and a naval buildup. Which began a major naval arms race between England and Germany. All European states were enlarging and improving their militaries. But the war preparations and the arms race were shaking Europe’s stability. This proved crucial to Europe in helping strengthen their military while Russia’s government was in disarray. According to the text in the Perry the gains amounted to nothing once the war began. The demands were too much for Russia since they were already an overtaxed population. An incredibly poor leadership for their military ruined them.

The new military advances made the war even more catastrophic widening warfare and putting other under fire. To defeat the difficulties of fighting the addition of deadlier weapons were presented despite the fact that their proficiency was regularly a long way from that ideal. With the newly perfected machine gun the impact was deadly since it increased the amount of firepower. Followed by the use of poison gas which had almost a million casualties were because of it. And lastly the Germans use of submarine warfare where they had civilian targets. Sinking supply ships and passenger liners. All contributed to greater amounts of casualties for all countries involved.

World War 1 saw a great increase in army training and equipping. Most of the countries in Europe sought to increase their military power and reserves. The countries developed new and more capable weapons, each competing to outdo one another. Thus, by the time the war came around, the countries had gathered piles of weapons and other military resources, indicating that this was going to be a big war.

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