Beginning And Development Of Israeli-palestinian Conflict: A Dispute Without A Foreseeable End

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Ever since the dawn of time, humans have been starting conflicts. Every war ever started has been a conflict that people still talk about today. There have been so many conflicts that it would be hard to count due to it being a problem globally. There have been a lot of conflicts, but one of the best examples of conflict is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Around 1948, a conflict took place in Israel. Palestinians formerly claimed Israel as their own, but the Israeli claimed it as their territory. This led to multiple wars, which split the country between the two. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a global issue that disturbs Palestine due to the British Mandate for Palestine and the Palestinians and Israelis migrating and declaring it as their land, regardless of the U.N. and Oslo Accords’ agreements toward the land.

Israel is not in the best conditions. Almost half of Palestinians need humanitarian aid. After the Fifty Days War, Gaza citizens were in need of financial aid but received none. The Israeli have forces in Gaza, which has the most Palestinians poor and in need of money and food. By having the Palestinians locked up, starving, and weak, the Israeli have some kind of advantage to gain the land. More and more Palestinians get stopped, and can’t migrate towards the country. The more Israeli and the fewer Palestinians in the country allow the Israeli to achieve dominance. The conflict may have started in 1948, but it may have started earlier than that.

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After WW1, Adolf Hitler was chosen as the leader of Germany, and his first set of plans was to kill the Jews. The Holocaust was a genocide that Jews will never forget. Some Jews escaped and went to Jerusalem. Jerusalem, being their holy land, seemed like one of the best places to go, Muslims lived their way before the Jews migrated there. Then when Hitler committed suicide in WW2, Jews who didn’t escape had the chance to leave Germany. Most of them left and some went to Jerusalem with the others. Since Jerusalem was now populating more Jews, conflict arose between the Muslims and Jews.

During the Cold War, the conflict grew into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict today. In 1948, the Arab-Israeli war began, due to the conflict earlier. The war led to the land being split, but not fairly. Having less land than the other, the conflict grew larger. Disturbances that both sides are getting led to less migration and more war. Also, following the 1967 Six-Day War, most of Jerusalem came under the Israeli rule. Since the Israeli gained more power, Arabs migrated less. They also didn’t try to fight for their land. During the 2000s attempts to solve the conflict have been made, but some did not help.

Overall, the attempts to solve the conflict failed, but they never stopped figuring out how to end it. In 1918 the British Mandate was passed, which recognized Arab independence. Husayn ibn Ali failed to see the British’s agreement, and he launched the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire, which the British claimed at that time. As the Revolt was happening, more and more Arabs migrated to Palestine to help the revolt. The British then committed themselves to a “national home” to the Jews. The Arabs got angry at that, which created more tension between the Israeli and Palestinians. In 2012, the UN gave Palestine a non-viewing status in the UN. After that, the UN Security Council voted down a resolution to end the Israeli occupation and create a Palestinian Nation. The UN Security Council saw that chance to resolve the conflict but didn’t take it. Still devoted to claiming the land as their own, Palestinians would still go on today to fight for that land.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict that started in Israel gave Palestinians and Israelis to claim the holy land as their own but instead gave each other conflict, despite multiple treaties being signed. The conflict may end in the future, but due to terrible treaties being signed, and Palestinians devoted to gaining that land, it may not. More and more Palestinians and Israelis are migrating and moving to Palestine, which is going to lead to more conflict. Also, Palestine is a country in need of aid and help. Hopefully, in the future, more people will recognize the conflict and fix what needs to be done.

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