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Comparison of The Roman Empire and The Han Dynasty During Their History

Abstract In this paper, I will discuss the differences between both the Roman Empire and the Han empire. In this paper, I will discuss detailed information on both empires, rulers of both empires, and wars between both empires over the course of the empire's lifespan....

The Barbarization of the Late Roman Army, a Fatal Error or Inevitability?

When looking into the transformation of the Late Roman field army you have to look at the society which formed it and which it protected. Roman society was not something that was unique in fact almost nothing about it was unique. The Romans had always...

Ancient Chinese and Roman Approaches To Warfare

War traces back to the beginning of civilization, with the earliest pictographs of war dating to around 3500 BCE. Political entities, nations, and city-states fight wars to resolve disputes and armies made up of soldiers or mercenaries carry out the conflict on a battlefield. Carl...

Roman Military Strategies and Conquest of the Ancient World

The Roman Army is known by many as one of history's most effective fighting forces; not only did they influence new developments in military tactics for future generations but also maintained a stable multi-ethnic empire. The Roman Empire spread over 2.75 million square miles at...

The Growth and Dominance of the Roman Empire

Expanding into a feared and admired empire, in the beginning of the first Millennium CE, The Roman Empire grew to further dominate larger areas of the Mediterranean world. The Roman Empire also witnessed problems that had led to it’s ending. With the Roman Empire officially...

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