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The Nile River and Ancient Life

The Nile River is the longest river in the world. It is 4,238 miles long. Most people lived close to the river, because the rich soil was good for growing crops. According to Britannica, the Nile river was “... a vital waterway for transport, especially...

Statue Names Queen Hatshepsut and History Textbook

Why do we study history? As we all know, the study of history is to learn from your past. We want to know about the things that our ancestors dealt with and more about them. By learning more I read chapter one called “Africa” from...

Ancient Egyptian Beliefs and Traditions

The art, architecture, and beliefs of Ancient Egypt have a very influential impact on shaping today’s modern world. Although when many think about Ancient Egypt, they don’t think about its influence, it’s very prominent. The art, architecture, and beliefs were also just generally a huge...

Ancient Egypt as a Foundation of Modern-World Beliefs

Ancient Egypt was one of the most influential civilizations based off of the geography, engineering, writing, and Religion which would be an influence to later Religions. “Ancient Egypt was one of the world’s great civilizations. It was blessed by moderately warm climate, a river that...

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