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The Book Caesar's Commentarii de Bello Calico

One may call war a side effect of human civilization. Nevertheless, it is in a war that people show their best virtues: courage, loyalty, strength, perseverance, and honesty. Nothing is surprising in the fact that texts on this subject have existed since the writing appeared....

Caesar Augustus’s Negative Political Impact on Rome

Aislynn Cross Augustus Caesar was the first Emperor of Rome. He led many men into battle and won many victories for Rome, but his gravest legacy were the changes that He implemented. These changes negatively impacted the political freedom of Rome and it’s citizens. Before...

Julius Caesar: A Political Cutthroat And Military Genius

Julius Caesar was known for his political and military success and strength during Rome’s time as the superpower of the ancient world. Caesar’s conquest throughout the Mediterranean was unprecedented, and his political career was no small feat. When studying a historical account of a man’s...

Factors that Lead to the Assassination of Julius Caesar

The name Julius Caesar evokes imagery of an extraordinary leader, acquiring excellent political knowledge and military skills, as well as being responsible for bringing great height to the Roman Empire. The assassination of Julius Caesar, which occurred on March 15, 44 B.C, was a turning...

The Reformation and Laws of the Roman Empire during the Augustus Rule

Augustus Caesar was born into an already well known family in 63 BCE. He was the son of a senator and the great nephew of Julius Caesar, the Dictator, on his mother's side. Augustus’s father died when he was still young, and his Grandmother, Julia...

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