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Media Analysis Of Media's Stance Against And For Gay Marriage

Information related to any activity which includes incidents, happenings, events or anything that interests a person and provide valuable information could be known as news. It might be showcased on the TV, printed in the newspaper. The internet has helped the media to widespread information...

The Arguments For And Against Gay Marriage

Introduction Gay or same-sex marriage happens between two people of the same gender. According to Peter Hart-Brinson gay marriage has been in existence since the first century, and still around in the modern era (Hart-Brinson, 2018). Currently, it is uneven globally as some nations legally recognize...

Reasons Why Gay Marriage Should Be Legal

In the past years, our society, specially in more economically developed countries, there has been several arguments to do with various different sectors of human rights. Between them resides the debate of the principles for distinct sexual orientations. Heterosexual weddings have existed for a very...

Gay Marriage And Weakening Of The Institution Of Marriage

Introduction The title of this article was same -sex marriage weakens the institution of marriage. The name of the author of this article was Ryan T. Anderson. This article source was come from same-sex marriage and from the Gale, a Cengage Company. Other than that,...

Comparison of the Views on Homosexuality and Same Sex Marriage

Western Views Although marriage is a cultural universal, how cultures conceive of marriage vary depending on many factors such as the customs, sex roles, gender roles, human right interpretation, religion, procreation and perpetuation of lineage. Traditionally, marriage according to Henry Tichler (2004) ‘is the socially...

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