Media Analysis Of Media's Stance Against And For Gay Marriage

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Information related to any activity which includes incidents, happenings, events or anything that interests a person and provide valuable information could be known as news. It might be showcased on the TV, printed in the newspaper. The internet has helped the media to widespread information to various parts of the world, making the people aware of the events, incidents and other related information. The information is collected on a wide scale, and which makes communication easier and better. Considering some of the information, the news which caught my attention is about two senior peer members from different religions that joined an outbreak against the government of the United Kingdom (UK), which proposed a legal law that approves same-sex marriage (Malnick & Watts, 2012). The news article is about Jewish and Sikh gay marriages, where it states that it is a legal right and must held by the ones demanding for it. The article was widespread among UK citizens which triggered some people, such as a Sikh peer and adding to which some Anglican and Catholic Bishops also raised their voices against gay marriages (Malnick & Watts, 2012).

The Sikh peer Mr. Singh opposes the proposal made by the government and stands against it because he believes that same-sex marriage is an assault to the religious traditions which are being followed as well as traditions related to marriage process. Mr. Singh considers that same-sex marriage or gay marriage will weaken the religious traditions and will leave the culture with no importance (Malnick & Watts, 2012). There is nothing mentioned about homosexuality or sexual figures related to it in the Sikh tradition and the people who are born in the religion live a normal life. Mr. Singh accepts that it is a person’s right to be given all the rights and respects the way of life, but the legal law that is proposed, will spoil the relations and mislead the beliefs of the people following the religion (Malnick & Watts, 2012).

Another peer, Mr. Rabbi Schochet is a Jewish Rabbi, who also considers same-sex marriage as an assault of beliefs, says it can even disrupt the relations among siblings and partners (Malnick & Watts, 2012). Mr. Schochet describes the proposal of legal law as pure politics and through which the religious leaders who believe in their religion, will stop to impose their religious beliefs and traditions over others. (Malnick & Watts, 2012). Mr. Schochet believes that a traditional Jewish family consists of a husband, a wife, and children and that the proposal causes disturbance and stand against the religious beliefs of the religion as well as assaults the religious values. (Malnick & Watts, 2012).

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Jewish families respect the religions and live according to the traditions and values being carried on from previous generations. Changes in the traditions and culture will certainly cause a disturbance leading to an imbalance between sexuality and religiosity. Jewish culture condemns the male homosexuality and disapproves female homosexuality (Week 11, Nexus). Another example of a Jewish tradition and sexuality could be the nuclear family, considering the journal article ‘Being Jewish and a Gay’, explains how difficult it is for the Jewish to keep religious values as well as tackling the sexuality of being gay. The article also says about the difficulty the person faces with being homophobia which conflicts with the traditional and religious values, which further makes the person feel alienated and zoned out from the Jewish culture and oppresses to become a normal person (Schnoor, 2006).

Broadcasting and widespread of information has led media to grow worldwide, this is how the UK based news can showcased in Canada and other parts of the world making everyone aware of issues running through various places. The content of the news is controversial because gay-marriage or same-sex approval had been a topic which the Jewish are against off, because they believe in the traditional family culture. The concept of gay marriage or same-sex marriage is not mentioned in the Sikh religion, thus some peers and scholars stood against this concept and termed it as politics (Malnick & Watts, 2012). Stereotyping is very easy, and anybody can just assume and act according to it. Gay marriage through the right of the people poses a negative aspect over a community that follows the traditional culture. I am a Sikh guy and when I first read the article about ‘Jewish and Sikh against Gay marriage’, even I started assuming and stereotyping about individuals in the Sikh and Jewish religion that don’t follow the tradition and live a normal life; while are doing something different which is not accepted in the religion and goes against the culture.

As per class discussion, based upon the Jewish culture and referring to one of the videos played in the class, I remember about a traditional Jewish culture marriage clip, where it shows that the Jews are disciplined and follow their culture appropriately, providing information about the culture that a couple doesn’t get into physical contact before marriage and also when the women are going through the menstrual cycle every month. Furthermore, which strengthens the relationship and develops a better understanding between the couple. Referring to it, we can relate the tradition and culture being followed in the Jewish culture and how homosexuality is considered as inappropriate in the Jewish Culture (Week 11, Nexus).

The people who laid their views and were against the proposal of gay marriage or same-sex marriage are recognized people in their religion and culture. The Sikh peer is Mr. Indarjit Singh (Lord Singh) is a person who represents the British Sikhs in the House of Lords in Wimbledon, and is also the head of the Network of Sikh Organisation (Malnick & Watts, 2012), (Parliament UK, 2019). Another peer, Mr. Rabbi Schochet is a Rabbi and is a Minister in London who delivers teachings about his religions. (Malnick & Watts, 2012). People who read the news and were affected might’ve got alerted about the issue and the law proposal in the UK. Some people who are atheists and are self-dependant and rely on the experience of sexuality, might not have been happy with the peer’s thoughts and arguments because it hampers their right. Some people would’ve been happy because they follow their tradition and culture and believe in the peer’s decision for what is right. Considering myself, I agree with the peers about not agreeing upon same-sex marriage because it will reduce the traditional and cultural beliefs and would push the person further away from religion. 

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