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Slavery and Cotton Farm History on the Territory of Arkansas

Agriculture, slavery, and cotton have been associated with the Arkansas territory to date. The practice of farming has evolved over the years, its basis being cotton production (Encyclopaedia of Arkansas 1). The emergence of cotton plantations, then further ignited slavery in the region. Initially, the...

The Impacts of Slavery on the Development of Economy and Agriculture

Civilization is an important part of human evolution. It didn’t come alone but it did come with its vices and slavery happened to be one of the downsides. Slavery with its drawbacks and issues, has contributed to the evolution of man kind, (Obadina, 2008). There...

Terrible Working Conditions for Slaves on Farms

Slavery is the aspect whereby an individual involuntarily is associated with an activity and there is no way of remuneration which is attached to it. This begun in the 15th century when the whites imposed a no pay form to there slaves in this context...

Ancient Societies: Hunter Gatherers Transitioning To Agriculturalists 

Abstract: With time comes progress, and as humans we tend to follow the route that’s most feasible leading us in that direction. When we “humans” discovered agriculture, universally we came to the realization of its significance, and how progress could be made there. Its salient...

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