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Vanet - Optimal Route In Finding Petrol Station In Oman

Research Proposal The system can be used as mobile-based application that allow driver search for nearest petrol station online. Drivers are the only beneficiaries of this application to determine the nearest oil station to their current location when the oil ratio is low. This application…

Analysis Of Pediatrics Play Project

The patient is a four year old male. Expected physical milestones at this age including being toilet trained, being able hop on one foot, and the ability to draw various shapes include diamonds, squares, and crosses(Wong, 2015). The child’s actual behaviors meet expected behaviors as…

Case Project On Network Security Planning

Network Design Considerations: The outline was worked to work as a various leveled configuration blending diverse topologies plans to utilize a brought together structure and separate the distinctive divisions of significance inside the system plan. The reason for these setups was produced to adapt to…

Overview Of The Hycon Project

Crypto-currencies have become a real discovery and revolution in the sphere of finance and credit. Completely anonymous, not tied to the market prices of individual fiat currencies, completely independent of inflation and state re-issue, the crypto-currencies became the banner of a new era that we…

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