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Deposition of Ozone for Stomatal Exchange

Ozone (O3) is one of the components of the atmosphere and mostly found in the stratosphere and troposphere. Tropospheric ozone, a secondary air pollutant, is recognized as one of the most important greenhouse gases (IPCC, 2007; Stevenson et al., 2013) that possess a threat to...

Development Of Advanced and Hybrid Refrigeration Systems To Tackle Various Environmental Problems And Preserve The Ozone Layer

Аbstrаct With the mаndаte of Montreаl Protocol bаnning ozone depleting substаnces, аnd Kyoto Protocol lаter on curtаiling the use of substаnces which contribute to globаl wаrming, conventionаl refrigerаnts аre to be replаced by environment friendly working fluids. With help of reseаrch аnd innovаtion, this pаper...

How To Fight Against The Climate Change

Global warming is a long term increase of the temperature of Earth’s surface and atmosphere, produced by the use of fossil fuels that has become a universe environmental issue. This topic is the most significant and recent issue about today’s universal issue informally human impact...

The Impacts of Different Levels of Drought on O3 Deposition in Forest Mountains in Norway

Climate change projections of Central Europe suggest an increase in drought frequency, duration, severity, and heatwaves occurrence (Seneviratne et al. 2006). Low precipitation, soil water deficit, and high air temperatures, associated with drought, usually leads to a decrease in stomatal conductance and limits tropospheric ozone...

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