Research Task On Ozone Depletion, Pollution And Greenhouse Gases And Means To Tackle Those Issues

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Ozone Depletion

This is the process of the ozone layer of the earth getting thinner and thinner due to the wrong doings of humans [human activities]. Gases such as chlorine or bromine are released into the atmosphere from human doings. Antarctica is seen as the place where most of these activities take place. The depletion of the ozone layer on earth is a big problem in todays world.

Human activity is damaging our world today, its damaging the protective layer of the atmosphere, Humans are trying to stop global warming but what if it is too late? Humans are trying to do so by stopping the use of other chemicals that may be damaging our ozone layer. The atmospheric ozone layer is said to be absorbing ultraviolet radiation from the sun which is said to be harmful this can cause the risk of skin cancer and cataracts this can also damage the plants out and in the water

Ozone depletion being the destructive process of the atmospheric layer which is of ozone gas is caused substances put together by breakdown of ozone substances.

The ozone layer is found in the stratosphere stated by about 20 up to 30 km above the earth. The ozone’s function is to protect the living things on earth from UV rays from the sun which are really harmful if the ozone layer is damaged that means that a lot of people would start to develop skin cancer which would be due to the exposure of the UV rays. This would also lead to immune systems of people lessening in strength due to this condition. The depletion of the ozone layer has been a big problem since before even the 2000s. Scientists are said to have discovered a hole in the ozone layer over the Antarctic, the same chemicals that harm our ozone layer are the same chemicals that warm the climate.

The increase of the UV rays has a negative toll on plants because the growth of plants will be effected in a bad way due to this increase of the UV rays it will also affect the way plants grow and the way plants form all in all. This may not be seen as a big issue if you look at it alone but if you look at the broad side of all this it clearly shows that animals and humans that feed off these plants will be negatively affected in the process. These negative effects can be as basic as diseases forming. Water will also be affected if the increase of UV rays continues to have contact with the earth, the changes in the UV rays will affect the development of the food for fish this will kill fish and eventually lead to no food from the sea for humans.

How we can prevent. It is said that we can start to stop using substances that add to the depletion of the ozone layer.

Air land and water pollution

Pollution all in all is the process of dirtying and damaging the environment around us. These things can be done by throwing waste products anywhere where there are no waste products, pollution affects millions of people around the world and a lot of people may not see that because they may live in the more privelledged parts of the world.

3 main types of pollution

Land pollution

Land can be polluted by our everyday waste such as garbage and also polluted by industrial waste.

Mining is also seen as a part of land pollution due to the fact that it creates large holes in the earths surface this leads to the land being carved in varied ways. The process of mining also leads to destructive chemicals being released into the earth which are of course not good for the earth and the atmosphere. The process of mining can also lead to humans and animals being forced to migrate into new places due to the bad remains left behind and the conditions in which the once was beautiful land is no longer in good conditions for humans and animals to live. Human release such as sewage can also be a process of pollution if it is not destroyed effectively because the exposure of human waste can lead to dangerous gases being released storing seep into the ground of the earth therefore the increase of human diseases occurring will start to skyrocket. Land pollution can also lead to children being born with diformaties due to the chemicals released into the earth.

Water Pollution

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Water pollution has become a wide spread problem all around the world. Water pollution is the process in which clean water is contaminated by waste products or chemicals which leads to the once was clean water to be dirty and therefor not usable or user friendly. Water pollution puts high risk on health of living organisms as water is one of the main sources of life. It is said that less than1 percent of earths water is able to be drank which is not at all near great. Without any actions taken towards stopping or lessoning water pollution it will continue to be a problem and will increase rapidly. The demand of water has increased due to the contamination of water. Harmful substances are the cause of water pollution especially chemicals that are let into water. This decreases the quality of water.

Water can be easily polluted as it is a natural way of dissolving substances. The increase of water pollution will also affect the water falls we see around us and also the rivers we love to admire. Water is considered polluted when it is no more safe to drink and good for life on earth. Water that is polluted is not only dangerous to humans and living things but it is also dangerous to plants because plants need water to photosynthesis to make their own food and to continue to do all their needed processes to exist.

How water pollution can be improved

  • To stop throwing waste products into the water
  • To stop throwing chemicals into the water

Air Pollution

Is the mixture of solid and gaseous particles in the air around us. For example things such as, petrol, factories, dust and pollen. Some pollutants in the air are poisonous therefore inhaling them can cause drastic health problems to occur. This can also increase the process of climate change to occur, hazardous pollutants are pollutants that are deadly or harmful to health even with the inhaling of tiny amounts. For example mercury or benzene. These are usually released during gas or coal combustion. These dangerous gases can cause problems such as eye issues, blood disorders, lung problems or skin problems. Greenhouse gases trap the earths heat and lead to temperatures being warmer which can lead to the rise of sea levels and higher weather.

How to reduce air pollution

If we as humans can limit the amount of gasoline we burn we will be reducing the process of air pollution we can also start using transport methods that don’t need coal such as walking, riding bikes or we can reduce the amount of cars purchased by using public transport.


The process in which the cutting down of trees occurs. There are a lot of reasons woodlands or forests are cut down sometimes trees are the highly needed resources. Trees are a source of fuel and they are used to make paper products, trees are cleared because they are in the way of progress in means of construction. Forests are more often cleared to make room for farmland.

When trees are destroyed, they release stored carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The greenhouse effect is the process where atmospheric gases, like carbon dioxide trap the sun’s heat which causes earth’s surface to warm up.


Desertification is land being degraded dry area of land becomes a desert, it loses water as well as vegetation and wildlife. It is caused by things such as climate change and through the overexploitation of soil through human activity.

Enhanced Greenhouse Effect Leading To Global Warming

The greenhouse effect is an important part of the Earth’s climate without the greenhouse effect the earth would be freezing cold. When sunlight hits the surface of the earth it is absorbed. Some gases in the atmosphere such as carbon dioxide, water vapour and more absorb the infrared radiation which is converted into kinetic and potential energy, these molecules then end up putting heat back into the atmosphere as infrared radiation. Some of this infrared radiation is absorbed b Human activities mainly the burning of fossil fuels and clearing of forests, are the cause of the greenhouse effect and caused global warming.

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