Management Of The Receptionist's Staff And The Rules In Istanbul Red Rose Hotel In Kumkapi

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Istanbul Red Rose Hotel in Kumkapı ; seven people, including general manager, manager, receptionist, cleaning officers, kitchen attendants and waiters. There are 2 people in the reception, 2 people in the cleaning task and 2people in the waiters. Employees start working between 8 am and 7 pm. The hotel has 1 collaborator. The person at the top level is Ahmet ÇELİK. It is a place of residence where relatives are affiliated. The manager receptionist who is interested in the customers and directs the employees Necip ŞAHİN has been successful and skillful in the hotel.

Kumkapi, which is mostly preferred by urbanization and by tourists and merchants, grew rapidly in the hospitality sector. The hotel I’m looking for is one of these. I handle the receptionist in a place where there are many employees. The main task of the receptionist; Room, baggage, account, fee, message and communication processing by accepting customers who want to stay in hotels and similar accommodation facilities. The receptionist does not have to be a college graduate. The receptionists are leaving in two, in the evening and in the morning. In fact, the receptionist who does the most work is working at 8 in the morning and 7 in the evening. Because most customers usually go in and out at that hour.

Necip Şahin , who works between that time period, is also the person who undertakes the division of labour. Necip is the person who gives informaitons to the waiter, cook, housekeeper. This employee is at the base of the operation of the hotel. This is the person who tells the employees about their job tasks and provides the staff. For example, they first talk to Necip Şahin and he makes the boss Works easier. There are waiters at the bottom of the hierarchy and the waiters are instructed from the top. If a waitress is inexperienced, the receptionist will tell her the rules and what will them do. It is very important to establish good relationship with the guests staying in the hotel. It is therefore important that employees are patient and respectful to each other and to other departments . Even though the boss is old, he comes to work every morning at the same time. He shows his love and respect for his profession in this way. Despite being a hotel owner, the boss is not intolerant and has always been aware of everything. This can exemplify a hierarchical order. Older people continue their old hierarchy even during their retirement. They train their employees with extreme care and discipline and they think they are a good boss.But in my opinion , the receptionist who does the most important work, he is comes before the boss on the line of the worker order. He gives many directions to the workers to organize them. Due to the location of the hotel, many languages are needed to speak to foreign nationals.

Necip Şahin knows more than 7 languages even he did not high school graduate , he could develop himself. He has facilitated his business because he has been in business for 18 years with tourists. Customers want to stay in a place where they can communicate well, feel comfortable, and evaluate opportunities (if any) . Working is a social reality because social factors put people under preasure to do something. Employees; To work, to be respectful, to help things like being convinced. It is a necessity after successful ones. As Salem said that’ The most significant change in the workplace is the ever-increasing

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prominence of telecommuting and the general collaboration of work that is made possible by technological advances’(Salem ,2).Sometimes the working part of the hotel may cause alienation The solution is work-based work analysis in the workplace What is the use of cognitive potential and what are the emotional states? Does the employee work efficiently? Does he have the propensity and suitability to work?

Durkheim said that ‘collect the ideas of employee’s and using it is a good communication equipment’. At the hotel, Necip who managed the workers could do it. The situation were like this when I met while analysing in a state of caution. The defining characteristic of the personal service operation is that the employee directly serves the final consumer. This service may operate a movie projector, carry baggage to a hotel room, or sew a garment for a suit. Service workers should generally treat their customers as ” Sir ” or ” Madame ” or their title and surname, but customers often address service employees in more familiar terms or first names. (Hodson and Sullivan, 248). In this Hotel that I analyzed emlyoo’s was like this.

They were always polite and smile face .Organizational incentives, management support, team support and assertive factors. One of the questions I ask employees is how much your performance and productivity have decreased or increased. The answers were told by the receptionist, who helped them improve themselves. Thus their productivity increased. They have been working for a long time. This is one of the things I find strong in the workplace, because it is very important to have someone in the workplace who attracts and directs the attention of employees. It provides unity and solidarity. Employees also have different ways of dealing with each other. Employees also have different ways of dealing with each other. Taking each other as “Bey” and “Hanım” leads to the protection of the distance between them, which is a powerful way of reducing the risk of mobbing.

I could not find any inequality between men and women in my observations, and that made me happy. Everyone’s working hours are not the same. The receptionist, whom I can give a negative example, is spending more time and effort. Also, the administrator does not allow workload. The waiter was also not satisfied with his labor and was working with a minimum wage. This is the result of capitalist order.

In conclusion, when everything is taken into consideration my research is the management of the receptionist’s staff and the rules of the hotel. Responsibility is so important and loving work done, adding something to people causes emotional satisfaction. There is no doubt that this hotel emloyees became a family thanks to the years and Necip. In general, the receptionist Necip Şahin, who is responsible from the employees and who is responsible for the whole thing, does the right thing with the whole self-sacrifice and gets the right decisions for the hotel. This ensures work efficiency and job security.

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