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Escaping Society and Lies in The Truman Show

The Truman show by Peter Weir is a great old “comedy” that hints important social messages and ideals that were once accepted. This movie is personally a favorite of mine as it uses comedy to outline some extremely important topics while shining some light on...

The Art of a Lie in The Crucible

In The Amazing World of Gumball, when Gumball finds out that people are bending backward for his alter ego, “GumballOopsEggWobbleUnderpants’, he says to his little sister, Anais, “I love being beautiful, you should give it a try” (“The Dress”). When Gumball does not have any...

The Importance of Honesty and Halting of Lies

We all tell lies on a daily basis of our life however, does one feel guilty when that? I’m certain you are doing. Honesty could be a price, one thing meaningful that continually attracts success, accomplishment, and well being. With being honest you’re being ethical,...

The Reality Of False Confessions

Common sense dictates that no one would confess to a crime they didn’t commit, and that makes sense; logically, there are no circumstances under which an innocent person should confess to something that they didn’t do. Yet, in more than 25% of cases where the...

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