The Impact Fale Information Can Have on One's Life in Holes by Louis Sachar

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Have you ever been lied to? Did it make you feel mistreated or angry?  In the book Stanley Yelnats is the main character. He gets arrested for stealing a pair of shoes which he did not do. In Holes, written by Louis Sachar, a lot of issues arise from false information, I believe that lying is wrong because it can hurt everyone even the liar. If you say or think it is okay to lie I disagree with you. I think it will always come back to hurt you or someone. In the beginning Stanley is walking home from school and in this process a pair of stolen shoes fall from an overpass above him. He picks up the shoes out of curiosity and then a cop who is looking for the thief drives by and sees him with the shoes.

The author states on page 25 that the judge thinks “what you did was despicable.” This is unfair because he is a kid and did not commit the crime. He gets sentenced because the cop had stated that he saw stanley at the store just to make the trial faster. Since he lied stanley got sentenced to a correction facility known as camp green lake. He also has a curse that runs in his blood. This curse is also not fair because he did not commit the false deed towards the physic. In this case he was more mistreated than lied to but the end result was similar. The author’s point is that you should not suffer for others. If he had done more to stand up and if others had done what they were supposed to the world would have been a better place.

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When he is at the camp it is not any better because he becomes the guinea pig for everyone around him. He is almost used as a shield relatively speaking taking blames for others. Stanley and the other inmates are unknowingly being used by the admistaters to dig holes in search of a treasure, that was hidden out on the miles of dried up lake, by a bandit known as Kissin Kate Barlow. They dig these holes in harsh dry conditions such as rattlesnakes and heat strokes which is cruel and unusual punishment, especially since they are just kids.  My next piece of evidence is when Stanley is blamed one again for someones theft. While Mr. Sir, one of the administrators, is doing a canteen fillup magnet sneaks into the truck and steals a pack of sunflower seeds. Mr. Sir leaves and the boys pass around the seeds.

When Stanley refused to take the seeds they dumped them in his hole. Mr. Sir noticed that the seeds were missing he turned around. The boys panicked and Stanley took the blame when he arrived. Mr. Sir took Stanley to the warden. “Yes, but I think he is covering up for one of the other guys, it was a twenty pound sack and he claims to have eaten them all.” said Mr. Sir on page 178. Stanley took the blame for the other boys and got more trouble than he needed because the other boys were already suspects for the theft.

In conclusion you should not take the blame because even if you are trying to protect someone at fault they will get caught and so will you because you wasted your own time. Lying can hurt the liar as much as the person being lied to or about. After the sunflower incident in the previous paragraph, Mr. Sir takes stanley to the warden and the warden invites them in. Mr. Sir explains to the warden what had happened. The warden does not take interest and asks Stanley to go get a makeup box in her quarters. She applies a nail polish with rattlesnake venom mixed with the polish. Then she strikes Mr. Sir with her hand scratching his face, he was howling in pain on the ground.

The warden asked Stanley to leave and he left. If Mr. Sir had just taken the seeds back and not had a fit over sunflower seeds he would not have gotten hit. Since he brought Stanley and said that he did not think it was Stanley that pushed the warden to her edge. “Hey, Zero why did you dig my hole?” “You did not steal the seeds. ”page 182. Later in the book Zero and Stanley make an escape from the camp. They can only go so far before they have to turn back. With a little more knowledge of the hidden treasure they wait for night to fall. They start to dig at the suspected spot of the treasure, when they find it the warden arrives with a flashlight and a gun. Then while the boys are arguing over the treasure with the warden, Stanley’s lawyer shows up. The warden tries to say that the boys stole the treasure from her cabin but all the evidence pointed other wise, and better yet it was the Yelnats lost treasure so now he was rich. Since he stood his ground he bought himself time, if he had handed the treasure over the warden would have took the treasure and got away. I think if the warden did not lie she would not end up in jail that for me goes without saying that when you lie you get in more trouble than telling the truth. I think that if you did something wrong you should own up to your mistake and try to improve what your future is like because you will have to deal with it.

In holes, by Louis Sachar, a lot of issues arise from false information, I believe that lying is wrong because it can hurt everyone even the liar. The impression that this story has made on me is that no matter what happens or what the intention to lie is wrong. I also feel that this story contributes to the real world to. Think of all the problems you have had at school with rumors and how that leads to bullying. Or when you tell rumors about someone they are mad at you and you can get in trouble for something like that. I hope that with the reasons I have presented to you, you will realise that lying does not help but makes situations worse.

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