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Depiction of Black People in 'Cry, the Beloved Country'

Introduction Between white and black individuals there has been a thought black people are worse than white people. Black and white people are both equal and we should not view them as different just because one has darker or lighter skin than the other. We...

Suffering Of The Black Women In Alan Patonꞌs Novel Cry, The Beloved Country

Abstract The paper focused on depiction of black female characters in Paton’s cry, the beloved country. By means of textual analysis, the study examined how the representation of female characters in this novel reflected the life of black woman in South African society in the...

Journey to Experience the City of Johannesburg In 'Cry, the Beloved Country'

Cry, the Beloved Country, written by Alan Paton takes readers on a journey to experience the city of Johannesburg during the 1940’s through the novels protagonist and focaliser, Stephen Khumalo. Stephen Khumalo, a priest from Ndotsheni finds himself having to move from the rural community...

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