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Role Of Judges In Common Law And Civil Law Systems

Introduction The role of judges as deciders of disputes according to law is well known and relatively well understood. What is not clear is the role that judges have as law maker. If the outcome of a case is not dictated by binding precedent, then...

Judge Dee: The Ideal Yet Controversial Judge Figure

His Excellency, Judge Dee Goong An by modern standards is an unethical and immoral judicial figure. Judge Dee works as the district magistrate, detective, prosecutor, judge, and jury, a formidable task for any one man. His powers are vast, and some of the things he...

The Retirement Laws and Reforms for Judges

In this essay I will be discussing whether or not the retirement age for judges should be raised to 75. A judge is an individual who is in charge of applying the laws that are made by Parliament, to each case that comes to court....

The Objectivity of Judge's Discretion and Decisions

Judicial precedent is where past judgements make law for judges to refer to as a tool for future legal matters. Controversial issues arise surrounding this principle because it can form disagreeable decisions and outcomes in matter of principle especially in attempts of law reform. Will...

The Assyrian Artistic Period In The Great Metropolitan Museum Of Art

The court was not open yet when I arrived. Milling around the doors, two separate groups of people waited. All were smartly dressed; the most informal was business casual, while the lawyers wore business formal attire. There were no blue jeans in sight. Ten minutes...

The Reasons Why The Brett Kavanaugh Case Matters

Compelling testimony was given on both sides of the table to the Senate Nominating Committee this week. We heard from Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh. They were both passionate about what they were saying. But, did President Trump save Kavanaugh by aggressively standing by his...

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