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Moral Aspects of Insanity Defense in Lawers Work

Imagine that you are a lawyer and your client tells you that they are being formally charged for murder, but truly were unaware that it occurred due to in happening while they were asleep (sleepwalking). As a lawyer, you are paid to provide the best...

Combating The Sexual Abuse To Prison Pipeline By Not Requiring Registration

A recent study entitled The Sexual Abuse to Prison Pipeline: The Girls’ Story published by The Human Rights Center for Girls, the Georgetown Law Center on Poverty and Inequality and the Ms. Foundation for Women highlighted the correlation between high rates of sexual abuse of...

Types Of Criminal Defences Approved By Court

There are many different excuses offenders may use in order to justify their actions when they are being tried for unlawful activity, however there are only a few reasons that may be accepted by the court. Law enforcement needed to create a guideline of what...

History of the Insanity Defense: Reformation or Abolishment

Morally speaking, it is a popular belief that it would be cruel to punish those who are found incompetent and are unable to comprehend the actions they have taken. Famous cases such as the Eddie Routh case ruling, Jeffrey Dahmer and the case of James...

The Rise of Insanity Defenses in Nineteenth Century England

This legal transcript contains information involving the murder of Henry John Base. The accused, Esther Base, threw her 9-month-old newborn child out of the window in fear that someone would kidnap her child. I will use this case to exemplify the commonalities between insanity and...

Pros and Cons of Insanity Defense, Death Penalty and The History of Cybercrime Prosecution

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What is the history of the insanity defense? The insanity defense can be dated back to around the 16th century. This defense was expanded upon by British Courts in order to devise the ‘wild beast’ test. This test disallowed a defendant from being held responsible...

The Types of Insanity in the Story "Don Quixote"

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In the sarcastic tale, Don Quixote, the audience was introduced to the main character, who’s named differed from Alonso, Don Quixote, and Don Quejana. For the sake of the essay, Don Quixote will be used as the characters main name. This character was mentally sick...

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