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Methods of Separational Chromatography in the Filter System

Early chemists used chromatography to separated color combinations by utilizing filter paper on color collection. The dye solution transported the material formed by the action of the capillaries, while the dye components produced lines of different colors. In the 19th century, German botanists conducted a...

Principle of Chiral Chromatography and Its Presence in Food Analysis

Food analysis is a very important branch of analytical chemistry which provides data about chemical composition of food stuffs, contaminants and ensures safety of foods during import and exports. Many compounds which are found in nature, can be chiral which may have one or more...

A Practical Investigation of Thin-Layer Chromatography

Lab 2: Thin-Layer Chromatography Abstract: In the TLC lab, TLC plates are used to experimentally approximate molecular weight and compare weights through Rf values. Different molecular components of each solution tested have a general distance that they will travel on the plate that depends on...

Thin Layer Chromotagraphy on Spinach Leaf Pigment Extracts

Introduction The objective of this experiment is to extract pigments from spinach leaves and perform Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) on the spinach leaf extract. We will also determine the best solvent mixture to use to separate the pigments. This experiment is designed to find the...

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