Methods of Separational Chromatography in the Filter System

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Early chemists used chromatography to separated color combinations by utilizing filter paper on color collection. The dye solution transported the material formed by the action of the capillaries, while the dye components produced lines of different colors. In the 19th century, German botanists conducted a deliberate experiment to test this phenomenon. For example, they noticed the development of brightly colored rings by throwing an invisible composite solution in the middle of a paper; Friedrich Gopelsröder 1861; He published a letter describing the procedure and says 'hair test' in the title.

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However, the chromatographic discovery is generally made by the Russian botanist Mikhail S. Tsvet (aka Tsvet). He adopted chemistry and used it clearly and systematically to separate colors. plants. especially carotenoids and chlorophylls. Color described a similar approach used today. He sprayed a glass jar next to an advertisement like aluminum oxide, silk or powdered sugar, placed a sandal solution on the spine and washed the contents with a solution. fertilizers The pigments are divided into groups of lines of 'pigments' of different colors, divided into empty 'strips', divided into pieces. Color No color, because it works with colored materials called chromatography (the Greek word for color). The evolution of colored cellular data is generally not known to scientists around the world, as published in German botanical journals or Russian publications. 1931 Eclipse becomes chromatography when German scientist Richard Kuhn and French physicist Edgar Lederer explain that this method is used to solve some important steps. 1941 Two British scientists, Archer J.P. Martin and Richard L.M. Singh began research on the formation of amino acids in the city. The first attempt to use water, called a water supply, is a small amount of water that has not yet been properly separated; therefore, they came in another way when the liquid was firmly embedded in a glass tube and a cone coated with a second liquid that the first one did not use correctly. Silicon bristle was used as a granular base, and Martin and Sind believe that the gel is made of water bonded to silicon crystals; Chloroform is a mobile phase. Your work in this way is a great success.

Although it is similar in color to the color process, it is innovative because it presents the idea of a liquid (water) supported by a solid inert substance (silicon dioxide) while transferring the solvent between the water without gas and the countercircuit., mobile phase kits (chloroform). This method is called short-term chromatography. At that time, Martin and Singh claimed that the horse was good gas. It is a historical surprise that this concept has been rejected for almost a decade, probably before Martin's creation, with British chemist Anthony T. James about the war on gas and desalination. 1952 Martin and Singh received the Nobel Prize as an example of alternative processes, mathematical thinking and 'the use of longer interactions between amino acids and peptides in research', perhaps not so much for the new operational information due to their work.

The first method of separation chromatography caused problems resulting from the imbalance between the production of static silica materials and the design of the column. To this end, Martin and his colleagues developed a new system where filter paper is the norm. Paper is made of water along with cellulose and is another form of separation. This method produced the desired result. Chromatographic paper is widely used in the analysis of important biochemical fertilizers such as amino acids, steroids, books. Carbohydrates and bile pigments. It replaced the color technology in this capacity. Probably caused by the same chromosomal abnormalities.

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