An In-Depth Analysis of Quebec's Landform and Economic State

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Physical Information

There’s many different landform regions in Canada, however in Québec theirs four (Harris, A. 2019). Quebec’s landform region consist of the St. Lawrence Lowlands, the Appalachians highlands, Hudson bay and Arctic lowlands and the Canadian Shield (Harris, A. 2019). These Landform regions affect the development of cities and transportation in Québec in many different ways. The St. Lawrence Seaway runs along the Southeast part of Québec. This means that the most populated cities (Québec City & Montreal) which create a lot of Québec agriculture, are able to get fertile soil and resourceful clean water (Harris, A. 2019). The Appalachians Highland comes up from eastern United States and continues into Québec. The Appalachians bring a lot of money to the tourist industries in Québec, due to the fact that the mountains are low because of erosion (Harris, A. 2019). Which creates a lot of opportunity for people that just want a scenic, laidback hiking and camping trips. The Canadian Shield covers majority of Québec. The Hudson bay and Arctic lowlands is located in the west part of Québec and covers a small area of Québec (Physiographic Regions. n.d.). The Canadian Shield provides a lot nature and wildlife to strive in this area (Harris, A. 2019). However there is two mountain chains in this area, which are called Laurentian Mountains and The Torngat Mountains (Harris, A. 2019). The Laurentian Mountains are located in central Québec and is “One of the oldest mountain ranges in the world” (Harris, A. 2019). The Torngat Mountains are located far in the northeast and it’s peek is 5,420 feet above average sea level. (Harris, A. 2019).

Québec City is a continental climate because we have very cold winters and very hot summers (Lin, T. n.d.). The average temperature is high 10℃ and 0℃ (Québec City Temperatures: Averages by Month. n.d.). The average precipitation is 1101mm in Québec (Québec City Temperatures: Averages by Month. n.d.). These are both reasons why Québec is a continental climate.

Vegetation and Soil Regions in Québec

There are three vegetation regions in Québec. They are Tundra which is north Québec, Boreal and Taiga forest which covers most of Québec and Mixed forest which is the southeastern part of Québec (Bruce W. Clark, John K. Wallace, Kim M. Earle. 2006.). There are two Soil regions in Québec. They are Tundra Soils which is north Québec and Wet-climate soils which is the rest of Québec (Bruce W. Clark, John K. Wallace, Kim M. Earle. 2006.).

Cultural Information

Yiddish: is a language commonly spoken by Jewish people, it is found in Québec because of Jewish Immigrants that came to Canada from Europe. (Arabic Beyond the Arctic Circle? Canada’s Far-Flung Language Enclaves Will Surprise You. 2016). However this language seem to be on a decreasing scale. Spanish: is now more commonly found in Montreal. The reason for Spanish to be part of such a bilingual city is because of all the immigrants coming from Spain, Asia and many more (Arabic Beyond the Arctic Circle? Canada’s Far-Flung Language Enclaves Will Surprise You. 2016).

Inhabitants in Québec

So in Québec there are three types of inhabitants, they are Aboriginal, France and British people (Quebec. n.d.). The reason for the aboriginal inhabitants is because they were originally from Canada, that was there home from the beginning. However the reason for the France and British people to inhabitants is because they were given an opportunity to move to a new country and start a new life with free land (Quebec. n.d.). So as we can tell most of Canada’s population has one time or another immigrated from some other country, excluding the Aboriginal.

Ethnic Diversity in Québec

In Québec 5.5% of the population is Irish (Québec Population 2019. n.d.). The reason why 5.5% of Québec is Irish is because of the Irish people immigrating in 1830s to 1840s (Quebec. n.d.). In Québec 21% of Italians who are listed as italians live in Québec (Italian Canadians. n.d.). Most of them live in Montreal as the population there for Italians is 279,759 (Italian Canadians. n.d.). The reason for the Italians to immigrate to Canada is because of the WWI and the change at a new life in a new country. (Italian Canadians. n.d.).

Economic Information

Resource in Québec

A very large resource in Québec is mining. The QMA (Québec Mining Association) was founded in 1936 and has played a key role in the mining in Québec (QMA MISSION. n.d.). QMA has 40,540 employees, 3,950 suppliers throughout Québec and contributes over $7.6 billion dollars to Québec’s GDP (QMA MISSION. n.d.). However despite all of the great things that has been happening over the last couple of years, there are still some drawbacks. Some being “government requirements, in particular concerning reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and new conditions for the environmental authorization process” (2017 RESULTS FOR QUÉBEC’S MINING INDUSTRY : THE QUÉBEC MINING ASSOCIATION SEES GROUNDS FOR OPTIMISM. n.d.) Nevertheless the QMA is trying their best to minimise these issues in 2019 (QMA MISSION. n.d.).

Booming Industries in Québec


One of Québec booming industries is forestry. Per year on average of 33 million meters cubed of wood is cut down. Most of this wood is manufactured into lumber and pulp (Quebec. n.d.). This forestry is fantastic for the economy, however it not the best for the environment. Over the last 20 years a reforestation has been ongoing, they have planted over 391 million seedling (Quebec. n.d.).

Hydroelectric Dams

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Hydroelectric dams is a fully renewable and clean energy source, and this has proved to be beneficial to Québec. The first establishment of Hydroelectric dams in Québec was built in 1944 (Politis. 2016). Hydro-Québec in 2015 grenated 32% of Canada’s total power from Hydroelectric dams (Hydropower: A clean and renewable energy source. n.d.). Over all Hydroelectric dams are the way to go in the future, they don’t create any carbon dioxide, they don’t create harmful chemicals and they are entirely sustainable.

One of the companies founded in Québec is Beenox. Beenox is a video game developer that was founded in quebec in 2000 (Home. n.d.). Beenox quotes that “Here everyone brings their own unique touch to projects that showcase their talent on a global stage” (Home. n.d.). Work at Beenox is like having a second family, a lot of people that work there or have worked there have enjoyed their experiences. Beenox have create 201 to 500 job in Quebec, and has created a branding for Quebec. (Working at Beenox. n.d.). They have created a lot of popular video games including Call of Duty (Home. n.d.).

Future Outlook


Québec has been dealing with debt for many years now, but has neglected to take charge and fix the problem. By the end of next year analysts are predicting that Québec’s debt bill will be $127 billion and that’s about $17,000 per people (Quebec in Deep Economic Trouble. n.d.). Québec’s debt problem is owed all in the public sector, examples are education, electricity and healthcare etc (Quebec ‘Debt Clock’. n.d.). In short is that Québec’s government is paying for thing like healthcare, education and fire service, without thinking about the consequences. Which is that they are unable to pay what they gave away, thus increasing their debt. (Quebec in Deep Economic Trouble. n.d.). In Québec, family is a very important culture thing and is one reason why Québec is in some much debt. Québec is very generous in there family allowance and childcare benefits, the cost per day for a wealth families first child daycare is $17 (Williams, C. 2018). The family allowance payment for Québec’s families can range from $694 to $2472 for their first child (Retraite Québec. n.d.). Both of these cost are very low due to the fact that the government of Québec is paying for a lot of it (Williams, C. 2018). How can they fix this problem? One way that they can help minimize the amount they owe is to rise that taxes in Québec. This would help the government to be able to pay back some of their debt. Another way is to stop giving away more and more money that the government doesn’t have. An example is to rise the cost of the child care, so that the government of Québec is not pay so much of the cost. In general the Québec government has to start cutting back on unnecessary thing or else huge change is going to come to the province of Québec.

Banning Face-Coverings in Court

Another one of Québec’s problems is that they put in place a ban on face-coverings in court (Muslim, human-rights groups to challenge Quebec face-covering ban in court. 2017). However “The National Council of Canadian Muslims and Canadian Civil Liberties Association”, is try to exclude part of the Bill 62 (Muslim, human-rights groups to challenge Quebec face-covering ban in court. 2017). The Bill 62 law requires a person who wears a face-covering to disrobe the face-covering to give and receive public services (Muslim, human-rights groups to challenge Quebec face-covering ban in court. 2017). This law is discriminating against Muslim women who chose to wear a face-covering for religious reason. It shouldn’t be up to the government of Quebec to decide if a Muslim women has to take off her face-covering in public, that her own option. This law has had extensive judgment for directing this law to Muslim women who chose to wear the niqab (Muslim, human-rights groups to challenge Quebec face-covering ban in court. 2017). Many Muslim women are already feeling fear and anxiety because of this law, some don’t want to be scene in public, some don’t take public transit and majority want this rule to be ruled out (Muslim, human-rights groups to challenge Quebec face-covering ban in court. 2017). So how can the Quebec government fix this problem? The way to fix this problem is quite very simple, it is to just ban the Bill 62 law. However we want both side to get what they want, so in that case here is an option for a solution. An option would be that if a Muslim women is required to be in court, that they only have people that they absolutely need. Hoping that this might make the Muslim women feel more comfortable to show her face. This idea might not work with some Muslim women, so in that case if they can keep their face-coverings on that would resolve the issue.

Château Frontenac

The Château Frontenac was built in 1892 by Bruce Price and is now the most photographed hotels in the world (Château Frontenac. n.d.). This historical building has hostess many different event, in which important people have attended like Mackenzie King (Château Frontenac. n.d.). Mackenzie King was the prime minister of Canada from 1921-1930 and 1935-1948 (William Lyon Mackenzie King. n.d.). The Château Frontenac have received many different awards for being one of the best hotels worldwide. Some of which are the honours of the Four Diamond Designation from the CCC/AAA (Château Frontenac. n.d.). This incredible hotel has about 611 luxury rooms and is privilege to have one of the cities best cooks “Chef Jean Soulard” (Château Frontenac. n.d.). This hotel has been designated as a National Historical site of Canada since 1981 and has been issued as a stamp in june of 1993 (Château Frontenac. n.d.).

Place Royale

Place Royale is located by the St. Lawrence river in the heart of Québec City’s lower town (Place Royale. n.d.). This is a dentsation spot for many tourists and residents of Québec City, due to that fact that this stone church is the oldest in North America (Place Royale. n.d.). Thousands of people visit this historical site ever single day and there are many different and unique shops, restaurants and boutiques to see (Place Royale. n.d.). Two challenges that Québec City’s is dealing with?

Climate Change

Climate Change in Québec City has caused more severe weather events, such as harsh snow, wind and rain storms (Québec City’s Environmental Services Adaptation Plan. 2016). These weather event are going to keep causing more and more damage, Québec City is trying to prevent that from happening. They are doing that by “managing air, water and soil quality at facilities operated by public works, managing the City’s trees and horticulture and evaluating water quality” (Québec City’s Environmental Services Adaptation Plan. 2016).


Québec City’s economy is in danger by the lack of workers and immigration (Chiche, A. 2018). Québec City has over 17,000 jobs that are unfilled (Chiche, A. 2018). It is expected the if Québec City economy continues on this path, in one decade there will be 1.3 million jobs that will need to be filled (Chiche, A. 2018). The solution to this problem is that Québec City is looking and is open for any immigrants to come to Québec City and start work. If any immigrants from anywhere can get up the Québec City your guaranteed a job somewhere. The mayor is hopefully that this problem will be fix, pretty quickly (Chiche, A. 2018).

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