Challenges Immigrants Face In Canada

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Do new challenges make human strong emotionally and mentally in new culture? Canada is a diverse and multicultural country which leads many opportunities for native as well as foreigners and that attract the attention of immigrants to get migrated in terms of getting good education, more employment options and good life style. As Canada has many career opportunities, it is an open country for immigrants to explore. But, the newcomers in Canada need to sow seeds of their career on their own. The immigrant faces many challenges such as gender discrimination, struggle for employment and feeling of loneliness, while starting their new career in new world.

Initially, the most important point is gender bias, which decides the nation development. Gender inequality can lead less opportunities for well-educated and more ability people compare to people having less knowledge and skills in that field. Immigrants in Canada are still facing gender discrimination in terms of work, responsibility and decision making. “According to statistics rate of Canada either the field is for men’s like technology, engineering and math or the field is for women’s like nursing, the result is men earns more than women as the work directly focus on gender” (Katawazi, 2017). If women exceed men’s, then they have to pay for their work either by demoting of by getting fired from work place. “The author was demoted as because she was more fluent in English than Koreans and was considered that she was no longer a Korean woman” (Yi, 1992). For instance, the women working in security agency gets pay of 1,153.67 CAD whereas men in the same field are earning 1,594.24 CAD which is a gap of 27.6%. In addition to it, to survive in new nation one needs to have employment. As there are many multinational countries in Canada the employment rate is higher in Canada because of large scale of industrial sectors. But as Canada is a developed country, the company demands people who are having more field experience and knowledge, which is disadvantage for migrated people in Canada as they are less familiar with the market conditions.

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Secondly, the language will affect the work as the pronunciation of migrated people sounds difficult to understand for native ones which might create misunderstanding among native and foreign people. Thirdly, as nation changes the technology used in their native country might be different from Canada. The job recruiters think about immigrant while hiring them: “First, it is natural to think that newly arrived immigrants are simply not accustomed to local practices of job search. Second, the same factors accounting for the native–immigrant human capital gap may contribute to job search differentials between natives and immigrants” (Audra J, 2016). To cite an example, there are some security guard agency in Canada which give employment to people who are permanent residence of Canada. Moreover, the feeling of loneliness can distract the immigrants from the path of their career. As people in Canada do not have spare time to spend with their family members, relatives and friends and everyone is busy in their own world. No one has time to stand for these people in their worse time. So, the immigrant person in Canada suffering from economic crisis might come in depression as no one is there to stand with him and so in that situation they considered themselves alone.

The migrants might feel alone when they are not getting success from their work and when there is no one to guide them to get rid of that situation, that time they feel solitary. Last but not the least, the most important point in feeling unaccompanied is having low social network. “There is a growing body of evidence that rates of loneliness differ across countries, in part because of cultural standards related to expectations of kinship and friendship relationships” (Van Tilburg et al, 2004). For example, the migrated people who are does not have social contact might feel solo at the time of weekends which leads towards the feeling of homesickness in Canada.

In a nutshell, leaving behind home country and going to new society is itself a big challenge for the Immigrant and with which they might not be aware of the current situation of that nation. The newcomers are in Canada are dealing with the issues such as gender difference, finding correct profession and feeling of lone as they are new for these countries. The Immigrant should extend their contact by communicating with different people, by doing so at the time of finding employment the developed contact might be useful as reference for getting job and, they can get rid of this loneliness.

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