The Impact Of Legalizing Marijuana In Canada

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Marijuana just recently got legalized in Canada as we all know. There are many pros and cons of it. Its good sides consist of treating people in depression for the cancer treatment in which chemo therapy does not show any good response. On the other side of the coin its been abused too much to get a higher state of mind, indulging person too much in to it and making him addictive to it and losing there consciousness that could not only dangerous and harmful to them but also to the people around them.

Cannabis Sativa

Marijuana is what consisting majority of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which generate psychoactive effects which affect mind, mood, and other mental process. There are variations to this as it has different spices, subspecies, and varieties, all in all its just interpollination of three main species, that are cannabis sativa, cannabis indica and cannabis rederials. The purpose of this interpollinations of species and subspecies is to satisfy the customer or and user to the most, by bringing all the qualities of different plants into one. Thus this cross breading is been done for years to develop a complete plants with all qualities in it or a plant with some specific quality in it. For the people using it as a recreational drug the most arousing part is trichomes. Trichome is a small hair like outer part which is grown out from the epidermis usually unicellular, but also could be multiculler. It is the layer where everything like frost, air and sunlight are stopped and living cells inside have not be damaged by it. This protects plant against various insect trying to damage to them (freeman and bealtie 2008) as they are toxic to them [1]. There is terpenes phenol and found at the base of trichome as this compounds moves upward they go through series of chemical reactions converting them from simple basic compounds. One of which is THC. THC does not contain nitrogen and is yellow oil type compound [1].

Legalization of marijuana in medical purpose

Many books and reports mention the multipurpose use of marijuana. Now days, it is used to cure many diseases like HIV AIDS, cancer and also as an antibiotic or pain relief. In the past, there are evidences which consider marijuana as a beneficial drug. As days passed and innovation goes in medical field enough evidence and proof claimed on that. It has positive impacts on human health. Recently a website summarized all the benefits of marijuana from year 1990-2012 [2]. Not only this, consumption of marijuana can decrease the intraocular pressure which no other drugs can do. It can be used for healing injuries, surgical procedure and can also reduce multiple sclerosis pain such as depression, fatigue and incontinence [2].

Dronabinol is a form of active THC found in cannabis, and is sold by the name marinol by Abbvie incorpation which is used for treatment of the diseases like HIV, orexian, and cancer [1].


As per the survey of Toronto dominion bank, legalization of marijuana can increase the country’s economy by more than 8 billion Canadian dollars [2]. Some of the trade related to the cannabis are accounting in country’s economy but didn’t captured in the most measure outcomes. The chief economist Beata Carana said that, the TD shares boost up from 2% to 2.9% due to legalisation of weeds [2].

The report from CNN money in London said that legalisation of marijuana in Canada can boost up industry by more than a billion dollar. A new report from Deloittle says that due to the legalisation of cannabis can generate a share of more than 4.3 billion dollars in its 1st year. A bill C-45 was passed by senate which include legalization of marijuana [3].

But the legal market of cannabis industry may have a varying statement from Canadian Imperial Bank of commerce. It said that the trade of marijuana can increase up to 6.5 billion Canadian dollars by 2020 [3]. On the other hand, new frontier data survey says that it will be 9.2 billion Canadian dollars by 2025 [3]. The Deloittle research said that total spending on cannabis can surge up to 58% because users are willing to pay legal tax on the drugs [3]. The consultancy estimates that consumers of marijuana may boost up to 22% [3]. A legalisation of weed expert predicts that alcohol sales might be sidelined by introduction of weed in legal market.


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Endocannabinoid, a compound produced in animals similar to that produced in plant. This has got numerous applications from medical to pharmaceutical as they posses nervous system receptors stimulation which we had seen before in plants cannabionoids. One such experiment was made by debut of the product called rimonbant for treatment of obesity. It worked by decreasing stimulation of endocannabinoids which produced person’s appetite, but later it had to be withdrawn from the market due to its large scale side effects [1].

Researchers have developed many iteration of the THC, one of them is 1-pentyl-3-indole or JWH [1]. A further iteration of JWH came into market in 2004 and gained some fame back then [1]. But after a detailed investigation it was found that it contained powerful synthetic unsuitable for human consumption. Hence, later it was banned [1].


All in all marijuana should be sold but that should be under strict government regulations and rules. Keeping eyes on it that its bad use or abuse does not happens especially by the underage group of society and a mandatory prescription should be availed on each and every package of it. So the end user could know what he/she is using and what schedule drug it is [4].


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