History Of Alberta

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Canada is one of the best country in the world. People came here from the various corners of the world for the jobs and for the good life style because Canadian life style is very famous in the world. There are 10 Provinces in the Canada and the all provinces are famous for their own brilliant places or life style. But here I would like to discuss about the Alberta. Alberta is very beautiful province of Canada. This province was discovered by the Native Americans near around 10,000 years ago. In 1901 the population of the Alberta was 73,000 but after 10 years it was gradually increased and reached at 374,000. The development of this province was based on the wheat farming. Edmonton is the capital of the Alberta. In 1914 oil was discovered at Turner valley in Calgary. Alberta is majorly known for oil and gas and from here oil is import and export to all provinces of Canada.

Since 1870 the coal mining stared here in Lethbridge and Medicine Hat. Government of Alberta is also promoting Agriculture and farming and they also spread railway lines in this province for the farming. Another thing about the Alberta is that after the world war 1 the prices of the wheat was decreased and then the population of this province was also declined because people was moved to another provinces but after 1930 they again covered the all loss and after all economy of wheat was increased and population was also inclined because people came here. Furthermore after worldwar 2 Government of this Alberta known about the oil and natural gas then they opened industries of the oil and gas as a result it was very good for the Alberta because Calgary and Edmonton became world’s best cities for the oil and gas sources. Oil and gas also helped in the sector of construction because people also got benefit after investment in this sector. It also helped to increased the population of the Alberta. So now the future of this province will be good.


After the formation of government of Alberta by liberals in 1921 Premier Alexander C. Rutherford’s started. Alexander Rutherford was the first minister of Alberta who had the political power and then he started works on the infrastructure of the education of Alberta. He was not a very strong leader but he was very supportive of the education and he made a University of his own Province. When the Edmonton was announced as a Capital of the Alberta the then University of Alberta is gone to Stracona in 1906. Medical Care and NursingAfter 1900 the Medical care and nursing was introduced in the Alberta. The medical care and nursing was developed in the urban areas and it was also became a good organized. The Lethbridge mission in Alberta was representative of Canada’s voluntary mission and this was discovered by a nurse of Victoria in 1909 who’s name was Jessie Turnbull Robinson.


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All European immigrants inherited Canadian culture as a norm according to Prokop. One of the most important indicator of inheritance was the use of English, all the the immigrants including children showed great interest in speaking English regardless of their mother tongue. During the period of 1900 to 1930, a large amount of immigrant population turned out to be true and and loyal Canadians. The language inheritance among children played an important role in canadization. The usage of English in games and playground was very effective.

Urban Life

During 1920s and 1930s Canadian red cross played an important role in providing relief to the larger cities of Alberta. It also involved government in taking effective steps for the benefit of people during hard times. Most of the townscould not develop and remained just village such as Bow Town. It had a promising coal deposits and good grazing land but due to drought at the time of first world war it remained as village.


Apart from railways most of the business operations were family oriented. In 1886 a private bank was formed by cowdry brothers (Nathaniel and John) at Fort Macleod. This bank became a great example to show how a small scale private banking played an important and vital role in alberta Finance. Both these brothers had all the qualities of a true businessmen and leaders. In 1888 Nathaniel returned to Lindsay and became grain merchant. Bank had various branches all over. Advertising and moneylending was spread all over. In March 1905, the banking concerns were sold to Canadian imperial bank of commerce. During late 19th and 20th century family enterprises played an important role in the flow of credit which further improved the modern economy. During 1920-22 Alberta faced depression. The Town of Red deer was mostly effected. Railroad and trading center between Calgary and Edmonton depended on farmers.

The depression in 1920s was worse than that of in 1930s. First world war in 1914 increased the demand of agriculture products which helped in hiding the weakness provincial economy. After the war unemployment was increased to a great extent also the grain prices dropped in 1920. In 1921 many of the businesses got bankrupt followed by unemployment in the city. In 1923 the situation improved and taxes were collected to avoid shot term bank loans. GamesMost played sports in the province were skiing and skating. Hunting and Fishing were also popular amongst Men and Boys. Hockey came out to be a competitive sport. It provided a platform for the civic rivalries. Skiing started in 1890s but got more popular during winter carnival in 1916 in Banff. Banff became popular for skiing bt 1940.

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