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Implementation of Social Theory in Colombian Coffee Market

Introduction The global coffee market today is indeed a complex and volatile system. For the most part, the coffee economy is influenced by a capitalistic structure. The coffee production is a precarious business, success in the industry depends on whether the actors involved can overcome…

Impression Of Visiting Hawaii During My Vacation

We had stepped out of the plane at the Honolulu Airport, and into a world, we have never encountered before. It was the first ever vacation beside my extended family, and it was off to a great start. The dazzling bright sunlight shone across the…

Immigration Policies In Texas: Senate Bill 4

Immigration is a very sensitive and highly debated topic that tends to separate the nation and generate conflict between opposing sides. In recent years immigrants’ rights and civil liberties have been invaded by countless reforms and restrictions on legal and illegal immigrants. There have been…

Fauna In West Texas

Deer Magnificent animals with the largest horns on the ranch. There is a dark brown jacket and a characteristic tartan on the hips around the tail. The steak has a special label that gives freshness to an experienced fisherman. When the moss is harvested, many…

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