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I love to travel for a few reasons. First, you naturally become a curious being. You are a traveller, tourist, backpacker, etc and even the most basic thing on a trip becomes an adventure – like catching a bus between cities. Second, you are hyper aware of your surroundings and indulge in the beauty or intrigue of a new land and culture! Third, coming back home after a travelling journey, you see your home in a whole new perspective. For instance, after my first journey to Manali, a peaceful, beautiful place in India, seeing the life of the people in the mountains, I realized there was so much more to life that I need to look forward to and that it is not just about the hustle that we see in our daily life. It is the same with every journey that you take. The exposure to new places and new people is always an eye opener and something that revives you personally and the way you see the world. To see how life works, whether human or natural life, in other places is really is fascinating and at the same time, humbling. It’s easy to be in your comfort zone when at home, but as soon as you’re out of that bubble, – all bets are off. You can do anything and are so willing to try new stuff to push your own boundaries purely because you’re in a new place. Quebec City, Cape Breton Island and Winnipeg are my destination for this research assignment. I love taking the road less travelled and exploring where the locals eat, drink, dance and live. I believe that from these destinations I can find it so much more meaningful to see and immerse myself in that side of a city. It’s nice to get away from all tensions and just wander around and explore and imagine yourself living there. I love everything about traveling, particularly trying new cuisines and learning the culture of the people living in a particular place. I despise even the thought of eating at a Western fast food restaurant, when you have so many incredible and new foods to try in these cities. I believe that the experiences from here will end up being some of the most memorable, and some of the most hilarious stories to share and reminisce about. I love to learn and meet inspiring people. It’s important to educate yourself about different cultures and it’s always fun and at the same time, enlightening to learn new skills (even if you pay for something ‘tourists’ do). By submitting yourself to the unpredictability of travel gives you the opportunity and the freedom to welcome new experiences, some good, others bad, which ultimately contribute to your world knowledge – even if it’s only becoming a bit more aware of what is around you. So, in this research assignment I am trying to explore these destinations in detail and in future this will be an asset for my career too.

Canadian Destinations. Quebec City, Quebec

A primary fascination is Old Quebec – an UNESCO World Heritage Site known for it’s protected, and walkable cobble-stone roads fixed with boutique shops and exhibitions. The city’s winter season has become progressively prominent throughout the years putting it on the guide as a best goal for commending the occasions in. In 2016 USA Today named Quebec City the best winter wonderland goal in North America. Discover why guests are overcoming somewhat Canadian chilly for a lifetime of winter-wonderland recollections. Quebec City was based on the north bank of the Saint Lawrence River, where it limits and meets the mouth of the Saint Charles River. Old Quebec is situated on the eastern edge and foot of a level additionally called the projection of Quebec, or even Cap-Diamant. Due to this topographic component, the focal and more seasoned precinct of La Cité-Limoilou can be partitioned into upper and lower town. North of the slope, the Saint Lawrence Lowlands is level and has rich, arable soil. Past this valley, the Laurentian Mountains deceives the north of the city. The Plains of Abraham are situated on the south-eastern limit of the level, where high stone dividers were coordinated amid pioneer days. On the northern foot of the projection, the areas of Saint-Roch and Saint-Sauveur, customarily working class, are isolated from uptown by a woody territory bore witness to as Cocteau Sainte-Geneviève.

Established by Samuel de Champlain in 1608, Old Quebec is thought to be the support of French human progress in North America. Be that as it may, the city was a critical purpose of enthusiasm for more than the French. The hide exchanges the area additionally pulled in the British, who assaulted the French state on various events. Quebec City sits on a feign at a tight point on the St. Lawrence River. The city’s name is gotten from the Indian word kébec, signifying “where the waterway limits.” The city’s vital position made it hard to vanquish, yet in the long run, in 1759, the British figured out how to take control of the settlement and the northern piece of the mainland. The city’s rich history and culture make it an unquestionable requirement visit Canadian travel goal. Quebec City is a blending pot of old conventions, new thoughts, cobblestone roads and present-day engineering. Since there is such a great amount to find in Quebec City, I figured I would limit it down to a couple and let you find the rest!

Here is some Places to Visit in Quebec City. Old Quebec·Château Frontenac Citadelle of Quebec·Plains of Abraham·Cathedral-Basilica of Notre-Dame de Québec (Our Lady of Quebec) Haunted Walking Tours· Montmorency Falls Park·Île d’Orléans. So as far as I researched about Quebec City I would recommend this place to my friends and even I will be planning soon for a trip to the Quebec City which is truly a magical city, home to over a dozen museums and cathedrals, with mystery and history and performances and something fun to discover in every corner. Cape Breton Islands, Nova Scotia. Cape Breton is completely amazing. The dim green trees covering every trace of red shake; the haze tumbling over the mountainsides; streets bending around red, rough cliff side decorated in thick greenery. The island estimates 10,311 square kilometers (3,981 sq mi) in zone, making it the 77th biggest island on the planet and Canada’s eighteenth biggest island. Cape Breton Island is made predominantly out of rough shores, moving farmland, chilly valleys, desolate headlands, mountains, woods and levels. Land proof proposes at any rate some portion of the island was joined with present-day Scotland and Norway, now isolated by a large number of long stretches of mainland float. Cape Breton Island’s northern bit is ruled by the Cape Breton Highlands, generally abbreviated to just the “Good countries”, which are an expansion of the Appalachian mountain chain.

The Highlands involve the northern segments of Inverness and Victoria provinces. In 1936, the central government built up the Cape Breton Highlands National Park covering 949 km2 (366 sq mi) over the northern third of the Highlands. The Cabot Trail grand parkway likewise encloses the level’s beach front edge. Downtown Sydney is home to City Hall (appropriate) and additionally flat buildings and inns Cape Breton Island’s hydrological highlights incorporate the Bras d’Or Lake framework, a salt-water fjord at the core of the island, and freshwater highlights including Lake Ainslie, the Margaree River framework, and the Mira River. Countless littler waterways and streams deplete into the Bras d’Or Lake estuary and on to the Gulf of St. Lawrence and Atlantic coasts. Cape Breton Island is joined to the territory by the Canso Causeway, which was finished in 1955, empowering direct street and rail activity to and from the island, yet requiring marine movement to go through the Canso Canal at the eastern end of the thoroughfare. Cape Breton Island is isolated into four regions: Cape Breton, Inverness, Richmond, and Victoria. The atmosphere is one of mellow, frequently enjoyably warm summers and cool winters, in spite of the fact that the nearness to the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf Stream directs the outrageous winter chilly found on the terrain, particularly on the east side that faces the Atlantic. Precipitation is inexhaustible all year, with yearly sums up to 60 creeps on the eastern side confronting the Atlantic tempests. Significant snowfall happens in winter, particularly in the good countries. Cape Breton is an island that spreads around 18 for each penny of Nova Scotia. The land was possessed by the Indigenous Mi’kmaq individuals until the point when it was asserted for England by John Cabot in 1497. The French additionally colonized on the island, which they called “Île Royale”, an augmentation of their Acadian settlement.

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There were numerous wars between the French and English over the land, with the Mi’kmaqs for the most part favoring the French colonizers. The French constructed the fortress of Louisbourg, which would be lost twice to the English. They additionally manufactured Canada’s first beacon the Louisbourg beacon, one of the principal beacons in North America. The Scottish would likewise later colonize in the south-west network of Judique. The Scottish impacts in Cape Breton is a piece of the motivation behind why there is a Gaelic school on the island, and why a portion of their signs are in Gaelic and English. Cape Breton was additionally home to the designer of the phone, Alexander Graham Bell likewise lived in Baddeck, where he likewise concocted Canada’s initially controlled flight and the world’s quickest vessel. There is a gallery committed to Alexander Graham Bell and his developments in Baddeck, which I unfortunately did not have sufficient energy to visit before I came back to Halifax. When making sense of an opportunity to come, realize that most eateries will be open amid the late spring, many shutting for whatever remains of the year. Be that as it may, that doesn’t mean winter is definitely not an otherworldly wonderland here. Contingent upon the season, there might be distinctive social celebrations occurring also. In pre-fall, there will be a Mi’kmaq pow wow known as Unama’ki Mawiomi. This is an awesome time to appreciate the moving, sustenance, culture and delight of the island, straight from the source. July is a tremendous month to visit too. With music celebrations in abundance, you can undoubtedly invest a long time here. Regardless of whether it’s the unticketed Granville Green or the Makin’ Waves Music Festival, each plainly praises the island’s happiness and culture.

In conclusion, there is a yearly Ribfest in July in Sydney, which honestly just sounds stunning. In this way, in case you’re accessible to visit Cape Breton Island in summer, that is your most logical option for having a stuffed time of exercises. From the staggering regular excellence to the magnificent nourishment, Cape Breton Island will take a bit of your heart. In the event that you have an affection for fish, interesting societies, life-changing history, or outside experience, this is the place for you. Along these lines, escape on up to the wondrous Nova Scotia for an unparalleled escape with your family.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Winnipeg-the capital of Manitoba, but that was about it. But you know what Winnipeg is supercool and there are so many things to see and do!Winnipeg lies at the base of the Red River Valley, a surge plain with a greatly level topography. It is on the eastern edge of the Canadian Prairies in Western Canada and is known as the “Door toward the West”. Winnipeg is flanked by tallgrass prairie toward the west and south and the aspen parkland toward the upper east, albeit the greater part of the local prairie grasses has been expelled for horticulture and urbanization. It is generally near numerous vast Canadian Shield lakes and parks, and in addition Lake Winnipeg (the Earth’s eleventh biggest freshwater lake). Winnipeg has North America’s biggest surviving adult urban elm forest. The city has a territory of 464.08 km2 (179.18 sq mi). Winnipeg has four noteworthy streams: the Red, Assiniboine, La Salle and Seine. The city was liable to extreme flooding previously. The Red River achieved its most prominent surge tallness in 1826. Another huge surge in 1950 caused a great many dollars in harm and mass evacuations. This surge provoked Duff Roblin’s common government to assemble the Red River Floodway to ensure the city; the undertaking started in 1962 and was finished in 1968. In the 1997 surge, surge control dams were strengthened and raised utilizing sandbags; Winnipeg endured constrained harm contrasted with the surge’s effect on urban areas without such structures, for example, Grand Forks, North Dakota. The by and large level landscape and the poor waste of the Red River Valley’s earth-based soil additionally results in numerous mosquitoes amid wetter years.

The name Winnipeg is gotten from the Cree words ‘win nipee’ which means sloppy waters. For a considerable length of time, First Nation individuals used to assemble here, where the Assiniboine and Red River meet (these days called the Forks). Amid the hide exchange period French pilgrims established St. Boniface. Métis pioneer, and all things considered Canadian legend, Louis Riel was conceived here. Be that as it may, the development of Winnipeg truly took off when city authorities renumerated the Canadian Pacific Railway to ensure the prepare tracks to Western Canada would experience Winnipeg. A cunning move, Winnipeg developed quickly and turned into a bustling train and exchanging focus, with a larger number of moguls than some other city in North America. Sadly, the opening of the Panama channel in 1914 finished Winnipeg’s rule over cargo toward the West, thus did the fast development. In any case, that blast made Winnipeg the city it is today. A city with the most elevated centralization of turn of the century structures (worked somewhere in the range of 1880 and 1910) in North America. A city with stupendous structures, for example, the Manitoba Legislative Building and the Fort Gary Hotel. A city with beautiful green spaces, similar to the Assiniboine Park and the Forks zone. Include super agreeable Winnipeggers and a full celebration logbook to the blend and you get present day Winnipeg, the ideal place for an (end of the week) trip!Winnipeg is a vibrant city which deserves a lot more attention and should feature on any Trans-Canada itinerary.


Take a Hermetic Code tour in the Manitoba Legislative Building Catch a show at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival Hop aboard the Winnipeg Trolley· Learn about coins at the Royal Canadian Mint· Stroll around Forks Park and the Red River· Eat your way through the Forks Market Explore the Exchange District Visit the Canadian Museum for Human Rights See the polar bears play in Assiniboine Park Zoo·Relax at Thermea SpaSo, in sum, I must mention: there really is a completely uniqueness in Winnipeg. And I would like to recommend to all, don’t ever miss the chance to visit this wonderful place.

Personal Reflections

Tourism is indispensably essential to numerous nations in light of its commitment to remote trade profit, compensation, impose instalments, and employment creation. Correspondingly, improvement and building projects to benefit national and global tourism have additionally been executed, achieved by intensity between abroad traveller goals.

As a conclusion for my research,Quebec City is a special place that won’t disillusion even the most voyaged guest. It’s roomy, yet it very well may be investigated by walking. It offers postcard-commendable view, an enchanting old town, an abundance of honour winning eateries and is home to endless intriguing attractions inside a short driving separation from the downtown area. There’s no better time to set your Quebec City visit in stone than now. From the dazzling regular magnificence to the magnificent sustenance, Cape Breton Island will take a bit of your heart. If you have an adoration for fish, extraordinary societies, life-changing history, or open-air experience, this is the place for you. Along these lines, escape on up to the wondrous Nova Scotia for an unparalleled escape with your family. Winnipeg is an amazing place to visit. The weather can be extreme, very cold to very warm, and often swings between the two in a very short window of time, but the sunshine is beautiful, and you can enjoy gorgeous thunderstorms! Often winter gives incredible Northern Lights shows. The people here are wonderful. Winnipeg is a fantastic mosaic of cultures, languages and people.


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