Essay Samples on Nigeria

Supply and Demand in Education: Nigeria as a Sample

Much empirical research has been done on the efficacy of the theory of planned behavior with many findings showing that attitude, subjective norm, and perceived behavioral control have a positive correlation with the behavioral intention for supply and demand of higher education. The theory of…

African Women Writers

To understand the sociology of a culture and where its women stand within it, one may turn to its literature for it acts as a reflection of the structure, development, and functioning of society. Originally, when it comes to African literature, it has been passed…

Effects Of Improvised Explosive Devices On Nigerian Army Personnel

Effects of improvised explosive devices on nigerian army personnel Some of the effects of IED on NA personnel in Nigeria are in the areas of physical, psychological, morale effects and effects on lack of modern C-IED equipment. These are subsequently discussed. Physical effects The physical…

Independence Day – Let Nigeria Rise

This another day, a moment to celebrate our independence. An independence that we have only gotten on paper, a facade in reality. Our people are being sold as slaves in Libya like in the colonial times. We still trek miles across the Sahara desert and…

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