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Research and Analysis of Quebec Immigration Policy

With the Quiet Revolution and developing national self-assurance during the 1960s, the Quebec provincial government played a considerably more dynamic job in migration strategy. In this unique situation, migration to the region came to be seen as an apparatus to fortify the francophone idea of...

The Opposition against Secession of Canada and Quebec Separatism

Like any province in Canada, Quebec has established itself as owning a distinct set of traditions, locale and culture. But is it enough to warrant a secession? This debate has found itself in controversy since 1968 where several political groups, namely the Parti Quebecois, have...

The Disadvantages of Quebec Separation on Both Quebec and Canada

Quebec is one of Canada’s French-speaking provinces, and it has an impressive role in Canada’s trade and business. The first referendum was held in 1980 proposing that Quebec be independent. The referendum context was to have a new economic and political partnership separate from the...

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