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Astronauts and Advanced Crew Escape Suit

The bright orange color astronauts wear to go out for launch is called InternationalOrange, and it’s the same shade as the paint that coats Tokyo Tower in Japan, and the GoldenGate Bridge in San Francisco. However, once astronauts are in space, they swap orange for...

The Apollo 11 Command Module Hatch

One thing I learned from the Apollo 11 exhibit in the library was mostly about their astronaut suits. There are many layers in each part of the suit starting from the hands all the way down to the boots. I found it very interesting that...

Analysis of SpaceX Performance Due to Various Factors

The human network (also called “social network”) is a theoretical concept used in social sciences to study any kinds of relationships between individuals, groups, organizations, and even societies. The ties between the actors in a network can be emotional, cultural, ideological, behavioral, etc. The networks...

SpaceX: Structure and the Purpose of Creation

Introduction Space X is an American aerospace company which deals with the Space transport services with a wider aspect of technology that can be helpful for mankind to be multi-planetary species. SpaceX is a privately-owned business established in 2002 by Elon Musk. He had to...

A Report On General Dynamics (GD) Company

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General Dynamics (GD) is headquartered in Falls Church, VA and was founded in February 1952 in Delaware. The beginning of GD began as they supplied rockets, missiles, electronics, and war machines as needed. Due to gaining an understanding in the mission world, GD was able...

NASA Will Launch A Laser Into Space To Track Earth’s Melting Ice

NASA is getting ready to dispatch a front line, laser-outfitted satellite that will put in three years contemplating Earth’s washing ice bed covers from above. Called the Ice, Cloud and Land Elevation Satellite-2 (ICESat-2), the mission is as of now booked to dispatch in mid-September....

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