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Bill Clinton's Rise to Presidency and His Biggest Achievements

Bill Clinton began as a governor in Arkansas and resumed his political career as running as President of the United States in 1993. He was elected as president twice, and ran for two terms, until he was impeached. He not only was he impeached, but...

Americans' Belief In The Government'S Alien Information Concealment

33% of Americans think that alien crafts have visited Earth. The earliest sightings go back as far as to Egyptian times, and some before that. Many people of various ethnicities and religions have claimed to see UFOs. There are many things that most people don’t...

Why Presidential Speeches Inspire the People and Spread Political Agenda

Presidential speeches carry great weight and can move, anger, or inspire the people of the United States and around the world. These speeches not only reveal the United States challenges, dreams, and desires, but also the perspective of the leader. Inaugural speeches are a tradition,...

Why I Don't Trust My Country's Government

No, I do not trust my government, because of the political issues going on with people protesting convincing me they have a lot of secrets kept from the public. Our government is to keep control to stop world chaos and to keep peace between one...

How Donald Trump Gained the Trust of His Voters Through Propaganda

Propaganda is information used by politicians and governments to portray an idea or to persuade people in a misleading and biased way. The creator of the propaganda focuses on the side that is beneficial for him and usually ignores the negative side. It is commonly...

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