Why I Don't Trust My Country's Government

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No, I do not trust my government, because of the political issues going on with people protesting convincing me they have a lot of secrets kept from the public. Our government is to keep control to stop world chaos and to keep peace between one another. Do not trust your government though because you should be open minded on not only the arguments but the facts about the truth. You must keep our eyes open to what is going on around you and listen to what they say but see for yourself what is really going on. It really makes you think twice about what’s really going on in our government system.

The good things about not to trust your government is because, they always say something, yet you always see somebody protesting I see people describing facts about the wrongs the government do and all the secrets. I don’t think you should trust your government because I don’t think their being helpful, honest, and we basically do not need them. I hear a lot of different bad thoughts and secrets that the government is wrong. I hear more facts on why people talk about why not to trust your government.

The simple bad things about government control is because they charge taxes which collects money going to waste to be thrown down the drain. It’s used for our law enforcement to get all the best equipment for their jobs that you see every day they abuse their authority by treating the equipment like trash.

The tax money goes to the materials needed to build new streets, but they do not fix the streets that really need to be fixed. They waste the money on a lot of unnecessary things that could be used for many other important issues. We do not need streets to just be fixed, we need bigger roads and to expand the lanes into five or six instead of 2 per side. The world is growing, and populations are multiplying by the minute because babies are born daily which means more people added to the city.

This is the reason why we shouldn’t trust our government because we still have chaos, wars, political debates, riots, and protests every day around the world. The government taxes us on everyday items we buy and remove taxes out of our work checks, but nobody really knows on the official Declaration of Independence document it says we shall not be charged taxes. Nobody really does not even pay close attention to these details just like many other debates going on today. People every day listen and fall for the emotional conversations which they tend to give in without looking beyond some feelings and sighting the truth.

The government is to prevent chaos and keep control, but in the northern states we have cops killing innocent people which created some riots happening as we speak. These police officers in the end don’t even get convicted or do such little time as if it was a regular citizen killing somebody. The person will most likely get life or some hard time as thirty years plus or may not even see daylight ever again.

I believe there is many things you can go on and, on all day, about not trusting our government for example area fifty-one is supposed to be a military base but it is been so many years of arguments of what’s really inside that base. Every time somebody that has worked behind these walls has spoken for some odd reason those particular people end up found dead. People that are so healthy it is very unbelievable they died suddenly from a heart attack. Did you know all 29 navy seals that ‘captured’ Osama Bin Laden are all dead as of today so there are a lot of secrets we do not know and that is why I do not trust our government.

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