The Violence Of Video Games And Reasons To Avoid Playing It

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In the article “videogames and violence” the passage explains many of the reasons for the evidence against video games and why it is supposably the cause of so much violence among us all. It gives plenty of facts upon the subject and events from the mass shooters and even more people's point of view or in other words their perspective and how they see the situation and what they did before the shootings had occurred. Their had been different conclusion which states “ Playing violent games did correlate with increase physical; aggression, particularly among children already prone to antisocial behavior. (Videogames and Violence, Explained). I personally believe the connection does not make any sense when you think about it people watch violent movies and watch the news and in contrary to this passage that would be an example of what this passage is trying to get through to everyone. This is like stating that a gun kills people, however as many have agreed with me, people kill people not guns. If I was to put a gun down on a table, would it kill anyone, would it target one person in general and go off to put their lives on the line. Exactly what my counter argument is for this passage. They also both have information of why they believe that mass murder in videogames is the one to blame. They claim that these shooters only played violent video games but the sandy hook shooter mostly played Mario.

Many say that video games have been a reason for an escape for the real-world violence which had commenced in 1970. As I don’t disagree that people use videogames on a daily basis to escape from their daily lives, that's the only reason in my defense. Many people play games to just forget about their ongoing days and have a little fun and or distractions. However, it has actually been stated that the amount of Video games playing on a general day is higher in the locations of Japan and even South Korea than that compared to the United states. By this being stated their is still a very high amount of violence and or mass shootings within many areas of our country.

Also, the idea that this passage is portraying does not make sense. So all these countries have violent video games, yet only in America they are causing this amount of kids to shoot up, harm, or even murder their fellow class mates, tell me why then. Videogames are not the reason for why their is mass shooting, or even harmingfull actions brought upon the world. I believe that the reasoning for why there is a high amount of mass shootings is because of self hate, mental illness, and some of the biggest reasons which are the people's past, and events that caused negative impacts within the persons lives. It’s not the video games it’s the mental health within kids, teens, or even in many events the adults we ignore on a daily basis that are having one of the lowest budgets in first world countries for mental health.

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