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Chronology of the Syrian Civil War and Its Impacts on the Country

Cause and effect of issue Prior to the conflict, many Syrians were complaining about the high unemployment rate, corruption and a lack of political freedom due to President Bashar al-Assad, who rose to power and succeeded his father, Hafez, after his death in 2000. What...

Causes Of The Syrian Civil War

The conflict in Syria is well-known, but a deeply complicated subject. What first started as mass protests demanding abdication of their authoritarian leader Bashar Al-Assad, resulted in a civil war. The difficulty in comprehending the Syrian civil war lies in the fragmentation of the different...

Why Did The Syrian Civil War Started

Syria is a country in western Asia with a majority population of Arabs. It was originally ruled by France before it gained independence in 1946. 2 In the mid 1950s Al-Sarraj rose to prominence in the military and was put in charge of a section...

History Of The Syrian Civil War

The Syrian Civil War is definitely not worth it for all the parties involved. All of the negatives outweigh the positives by a long shot because they are hardly any good outcomes because of this Civil War. The Syrian Civil War has drawn in many...

Battleground In Syria Or The Syrian Civil War

Ever since the civil war between Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad and parties that oppose the current Syrian government started, Syria has not been a liveable country. The country has turned into a battleground in which people are under the constant threat of being shot or...

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