Perseverance Is The Key To Life

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“I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work”(Thomas Edison). We all know Albert Einstein, well at least most of us do. After a 1000 unsuccessful attempts, he made one of the most used items in the world, a lightbulb. And when a reporter asked him, “How did it feel to fail 1000 times?” He replied, “I didn't fail 1000 times. The lightbulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.” Society has plagued everyone's mindset into thinking that they should stick to what they know and not try something new, thus this leads to a life of missed opportunities for many people. Perseverance is the key to life because it encourages everyone to do their best, it helps them reach their goals, and pushes everyone to their limits. Throughout our life, there are many times where we fail, and give up right then and there. But some of the most successful people have proved that failing is part of the circle of life. Michael Jordan, Walt Disney, Oprah, these are only the names of a few successful people who have been rejected multiple times and look at where they are now! (parallelism)

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Furthermore, the moment someone thinks of giving up, they think it's ok to give up every time; It encourages the habit. When someone puts all their soul and passion into what they love, regardless of what anyone says, no one can stop them. There are little things in life that compel people to go against all odds to achieve that goal. The moment society believes that someone isn't capable enough to do something, that person would go to all extents to prove them wrong. Michael Jordan is an example of someone who took failure and turned it into success at a very young age. Michael Jordan had a drive for success since he was 15. He wanted to play for his high school varsity basketball team, but his coaches cut him and put him in the junior varsity team because he was not tall enough. This didn’t discourage him but gave him the motivation to work harder. People like Michael Jordan inspire others to pursue their dreams even if there are many obstacles going against them.

In addition, when people give up, they regret the things that could've been. When someone gives up, they would always have doubts about the decision that they made and how it impacted their life. The decision to give up may even haunt someone for the rest of their lives. At a certain age, many people would look back and regret all the times where they did not take an opportunity to do something which may have given them many experiences and benefits. Whether someone wants to be a doctor, writer, engineer, or the CEO of a huge company, no one should ever give up on that dream . In the end, it's always that one dream that pushes people to wake up every day. Once someone throws away that dream because they think it's unrealistic, that's when they have started living a life that's been corrupted from them.

Additionally, “How many people thought of doing something, but then thought it would be too much work and didn’t end up doing?” There are many times in a day where at least everyone feels like they should take the easy way rather than putting work into something.” How many people would love to win the lottery?” Definitely me. But sometimes people always look for the easy things in life that they forget about putting hard work into everything else. Everyone is so used to living a comfortable and easy life, that they don't put effort into difficult things, but many times easy and simple doesn't get anyone anywhere. If someone doesn't understand something then they quit right then and there. The Beatles are an example of a group that persevered through many obstacles in life. They were rejected by many record labels and yet they kept ongoing. Their rejection is now considered one of the biggest mistakes in history.

To sum up, No matter what class gender, race, or age someone is, anyone can achieve anything if they put all their soul into something they love. As society constantly tells us what to do and who to be, it is our job to strive for what we believe and not what others want us to (Personification). No matter what someone wants to do, if they have that dedication to achieve their goal, no one can stop them. Life is not always going to guide us to our path, but instead, it's up to us to learn by ourselves, even if it may mean failing over and over again to reach our goals. No one gets to their destination without any hurdles, there is always going to be something in the way, but what's the point of life without having any hurdles to overcome. “There is always a rainbow after every storm.”

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