Theme of Perseverance in Literature and Movies

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Like Thomas Edison once said, Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” It’s not about the amount of courage and perseverance someone has, it’s about what and how they use it. Perseverance is accomplishing a task successfully despite how difficult it was.

For example in Fahrenheit 451, Guy Montag(protagonist) goes through some obstacles throughout his life. Guy Montag lives in the future where books are illegal. It’s his job as a fireman of 10 years (wherein that particular day in age to start fires) to go to people’s houses who have books and burn the books. Along the Guy meets a new girl named Clarrise who soon later becomes friends with Montag. One day after Guys walk and talk with Clarrise, Montag discovers his wife Mildred had overdosed on sleeping pills. The 2 technicians come and clean her blood and pump her stomach of the pills and soon after she is up and feeling better.

The reason the technicians come and not a real doctor or nurse is that this is a common problem and there is no need for them to make a blank trip for something minor. Clarrise asks Montag questions that make him really sit back and think which is evident that she and her family read/have books because of how intelligent she is. Montag has a secret of his own, every time they answer to the alarm to go burn books he takes one. He has 10 books and has taken 2 books per year for the past 10 years (20 books). One day they answer a call to an elderly lady’s house and when they discover the books, Montag finds one that stands out to him. It’s the bible. The lady got so upset that she could not save her books so she burned herself and her books ultimately killing herself. Fast forward a bit and Montag is searching for a tutor to help him understand the books and the meaning behind the books. He runs into Professor Faber, who he confesses that he owns the bible and he needs help understanding it better. Faber swiftly denies him, so in anger, Montag starts ripping the bible up. After seeing this Faber agrees to help Montag. If Montag did not have the courage to ask for help and to take the books because he wanted to expand his knowledge, he would have been brainwashed just like everybody else.Another example of mine would be the movie BirdBox. In the movie, Sandra Bullock’s character was the main character and her main goal was to help her child, Boy, and a child of her friend who passed away, Girl, to get to the safe sanctuary

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During this Journey the endure this malevolent force that if you don’t wear your blindfold, it would take over your mind and make you either fatally harm others or yourself. Malorie, alongside her love interest Tom did everything in their power to make sure that Boy and Girl made it to safety. Without her perseverance and courage to go above and beyond to make sure Boy and Girl were safe, then there is no telling what could have happened to them. In one part of the movie, Malorie has to guide them through the river, but they are about to hit a rough spot and she needs one of them to help guide her through it. She looks at Boy then looks at Girl then decides that neither one of them will do it and that she will just navigate it from a feeling because she doesn’t want to put to take their blindfolds off which is the only thing protecting them from the malevolent evil force. Tom, unfortunately, was killed trying to save Malorie and the kids which shows he had a great amount of courage to risk his life to save his little family. Malorie, in my opinion, showed the most courage and perseverance because, in tough situations, she didn’t fold nor cracked under pressure. She just found the most logical way to stay safe and pushed through each obstacle which in my eyes shows the most courage and perseverance.

My last example would be the Netflix series Lucifer. This show is about the devil (Lucifer Morningstar) who decides to take a vacation from hell and moves to Los Angeles then, later on, opens a nightclub. He then runs into Detective Chloe Decker who de draws a Strong love interest in. Lucifer then becomes Detectives’ assistant down at the percent and Chile’s Ex-husband (who also works there) doesn’t quite take a liking to Lucifer in the beginning. Lucifer is accompanied by his brother Amenadiel and Mazikeen from hell on his vacation and they try to talk him into going back, but he is determined to take his vacation and eventually Pursue his love interest with Chile Decker. Lucifer shows courage to me because he was brave enough, in the end, to confess his love for Chole in the end and so does she eventually also which shows courage on her end as well. He demonstrates perseverance in a way that in the last episode of the last season how he decided to go back to hell even though he wanted to stay on earth with Chloe, but he knew he had a job and responsibilities to take care of, so he had to go handle that. Chloe shows perseverance in how towards the last episode she finally confessed her love for him even though she knew there was no way he could stay with her, but she just had to release that burden of holding on her love for him.

In conclusion, courage and perseverance are not measured in the amount you have, is measured in how you decided to act with the amount you have. If you’re in a difficult situation always remember, not all people have the courage to do what you do, so be you no matter what. Nobody can be you, except you. Which means your courage and perseverance, no one can match it. Go be adventurous and take chances. Have the willpower to do what makes you happy. If it doesn’t make you happy, then it isn’t for you. It takes courage to fail but perseverance to take that failure, learn from it, and turn that into something positive. Like Thomas Edison said
“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” Courage and perseverance are the main 2 aspects of what makes each person their own unique person in my opinion.

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