The Struggles of Discovering Your Goal in Life

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 Find life goals, because without it the puberty will not be able to find the right way. The power of puberty will be destroyed and ruined. Every trail breaks if the goal is not discovered. There is no attraction for dreams and dreams. If you want to find significance in our life, you have to make proper planning of forces of puberty, thus you should take prompt action in the correct determination of the goal of life. And those who are passing through puberty, each one of them says that they are capable of doing a lot. There is no shortage of rainbow dreams in the treasure of his mind. But which one is it? How to use your passion and strength? For this, they want their target address.

Who will tell it? In answer to this question, the lyricist Shrikrishna says, ‘Apadakshanti te gayaan jnaninastatadarshana’ (4/23) will preach the wisdom of this great philosopher Mahaprabhu. It may not be possible to do this for people who are trapped with the burden of memory or the sores of pen. Those who have understood the nuances, subtleties and concepts of life can do the same, because the most essential and important thing in determining the goal of life is the knowledge of the fundamental characteristics and possibilities of self. A true introduction to your interest and nature. The realization of the possessions and the surroundings of their possessions If the vision is deep and the darkness of light is visible, then this work can be done even by itself. But it often does not happen, because stability, concentration and endurance are rare in youth.

Those who have read the life stories of Lokmanya Tilak, they know that Tilak’s brightness in his youth was uncommon. He was the great and the most mighty. But he was not able to choose the right and comprehensive goals according to his abilities. In these moments of dilemma, he remembered Swami Vivekananda, from which he had first met at the time of a travelogue. After some time when he came to Calcutta during the Calcutta session of Congress, he met Swami Vivekananda at Belur Math. Swami ji tested his inner strength with his insights and suggested to him the goals of life according to him. Tilak also laid down the order of Swamiji and presented his youth for this important goal. His move towards the goal made him Lokmanya Til Bal Gangadhar.

His current President A.P.J. The life story of Abdul Kalam- ‘Flight of Fire’ who have read, they will remember the theme of failure in the examination given by them to Dehradun. With this failure his mind was unhappy and he could not find his life’s goal. Only then did Rishikesh come and meet Swami Shivanand of Divya Jeevan Sangha. This meeting not only helped him towards the spiritual mysteries of life, but also helped in finding the right goal of life.

As long as such opportunities are not available in the lives of the youth, they should take a diary and on one of the pages Write down the things they want to get, which are their wishes. his is a writing preference sequence. In the second page, type all that in sequence; Those who have the ability to do it. Also write it in the order of preference. By matching them together, examine their own nature and target your most intimate love and employ your strengths accordingly. However many doubts are expected to emerge in this process. In this way, in pursuit of a life goal, consider this formula as its guiding that life should be the goal of providing complete, satisfying depths of the intersections and delivering far-reaching results

This is something that the interior nature is refined to meet and the ability to fight with external conditions will continue to grow. If this happens, then the power of the resolution of youth itself becomes waking up in the youth.

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