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The Ethics of Legalizing the Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports

“Being a winner” is a position that almost every person would want to be in, right? There’s the fame, there’s the money... but what else is there? An athlete may not even be mentally stable after winning as sometimes the pressure on them to win...

Performance Enhancing Drugs; Examination of the Most Consumed Ones

Sports are argubly one of the best things that was ever created. We as humans are allowed to compete in a friendly way and let out our emotions out and connect with new people. Though we all want to be the best, other people choose...

The Usage of Performance Enhancing Supplements in Sport Competitions and Its Consequences

Performance-enhancing supplements have been employed in various sporting events, aiming to grant competitors an advantage over their opponents, and their widespread usage can even be traced back to the ancient Olympic games. In the past, ancient Greek athletes utilized various medications derived from herbs, wine...

The Ban of Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sport: Is It Needed

In this essay I will be discussing the issue of performance enhancing drugs that are used by athletes. And what should happen to them if they are caught using performance-enhancing drugs. The most common drug that are used by athletes are different types of anabolic...

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