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American Identity: What It Means To Be An American

In Crevecoeur’s book,” Letters from an American Farmer,” it’s evident throughout the excerpts that Crevecoeur has a deep admiration for America. The characteristics that make up an American are courageous, thriving and independent. A few examples that support these characterizations of Americans include Leif Erickson,...

Differences in the Portrayal of the Nation in I hear America Singing by Walt Whitman and Mexicans Begin Jogging by Gary Soto

‘I hear America Singing’ by Walt Whitman, and ‘Mexicans Began Jogging’ by Gary Soto, are two poems where the setting is in the United States of America. The two poems show the employment situation in blending collective belonging with personal expression, and individuality with commonality....

The Growing Influence and Power of China

China is undoubtedly one of the most rising countries in the last decade, its economy is currently in second place behind America and is predicted to soon overtake that of America. However, despite gaining hard power how does China hold up regarding soft power? Soft...

Some Difficulties Of Being Jamaican

Located in the Caribbean Sea, south of Cuba and west of Hispaniola, lies the small island called Jamaica. It is one of the most popular Caribbean islands based on its unique and distinctive culture that has become a global brand. It is instantly recognizable over...

The Connection Of Ethnicity And Sexuality

Ethnosexual frontiers is where race, ethnicity, and nationality intersect with sexuality to enforce inequality. Differences of color, culture, country, ancestry, language, and religion are the materials out of which ethnic, racial, and national identities, and boundaries built. Ethnicity and sexuality blend together to form sexualitzed...

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