The Factors That Contribute To What It Means To Be An American

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What does it mean to be an American? Does it mean patriotism? Is it the feeling of pride when your singing the national anthem? To be clear there are many things that make a true American. They can be of any race, any color, speak any language, come from a different family background, it does not matter because those are not what define a true American. No matter what the circumstances are it is what is in the heart that makes an American. But the following are a few things that make up a True American. Having loyalty to your country, exercise your rights(Freedom), own a lot of guns.

Every country must require truehearted subjects to be a functional safe country, although no country is ever safe it helps keep the rocketing crime rates at a minimum. Such loyal citizens can be loyal just by contributing what they can to their community, whether it’s the smallest things such as recycling or paying taxes and making sure you keep your surroundings in proper order. Some of these people take their loyalty to the next level and join the army and fight with the fiery spirit and fidelity of their country. Another example of loyalty is NOT kneeling during the national anthem: stand tall and proud and sing your heart out with every ounce of pride you contain. Although with every staunch effort you take comes a reward, such as your freedom.

Additionally freedom is another facet that constructs an American. Exercise these freedoms and your rights, if you have a topic at the matter you disagree with then protest, sign petitions. No one, not even the authorities can stop you unless you break the law. If you have no knowledge of what rights you can exercise then… How can you be an american? Especially if you do not know what the Bill of Rights or what the Amendments are. Speak your mind make a change for the good using those rights that you own. Unless it’s insulting someone then keep it to yourself, it’s rude and uncalled for.

Moreover one final reason from my perspective of what makes a “TRUE AMERICAN” is owning a gun. You can not be a true American without a trusty weapon exercising that second Amendment if you catch my meaning. Use that right to bear arms because 42% of the American population own guns which means that among 50 million households there are 393 million guns distributed. Like one anonymous individual once claimed “You’re not a true American if you don’t own no gun”.

In conclusion any true American would have these internal trait in the previous. Whether it is showing unchanging patriotism, exercising your rights and freedom, and owning a gun like a true American. But what really is important is having a citizenship in American, no one is a true American without their citizenship, otherwise if their visa expires you better hope you do not get caught. Also eat a lot of cheese burgers because it’s one of the most American things you could do. In the end the theme is that an American is defined predominantly by the heart and sometimes the physical and behavioural traits.  

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