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History Of The Rise And Fall Of Byzantine Empire

Introduction Over the years there has been the rise of kingdoms and empires all over the world but it is noted that it is inevitable for its fall over time. In the rise and fall of empires there are casualties and conquerors who lose and...

Muslim Community and Its Religious Laws

Muslims were responsible for making considerable contributions to several different fields, while also bringing light to knowledge that would’ve otherwise been lost. They saw this is one of their duties of being a follower of Islam. They believed that people should truly benefit from all...

African Muslim Women in Post-Colonial States of the Empire

Modernized African states have created some opportunities along with a disparity of challenges for African Muslim women economically, socially, and politically. The transition from colonialism has been an immense burden for women because centuries of oppression has instituted a lifestyle of silence that prevents these...

Treatment of Non-Muslim Communitites in Muslim Empires

How are certain groups treated throughout history? There are different groups that would present itself during the history of the Islamic world. We see that there are Arab and Non-Arab people as well as Muslim and Non-Muslim people. But there are two different ways people...

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